Master Key Experience – Week 15

The old mind blueprint – how does it still serve me?

Does it? It cannot serve me any longer, but it’s still lurking in the background.

Maybe I need someone else to inform it about it’s new required way of thinking with something that involves a baseball bat, and a few swift lashes…

The levels of chronic pain I experienced in my body of the past few weeks have set me back from my daily reads and new habit forming behaviours. Pain has a way of debilitation. Pain in new areas. Resultant chronic fatigue. Not conducive to happy living.

And I don’t run to doctors or take pills to mask the pain. I believe I can heal.

What does that tell me?

It is evident that my focus on my personal pivotal need for true health seems to not be registering. Or maybe it is, and I am not focused enough On what it is doing for me.

“Are you blaming the old blueprint dude?”

“I don’t know, am I?”

Here are my insights. I am ever the observer. The stuff I am not effectively doing yet,

– Exercising consistently.

– Always eating healthy nutritious foods.

– Reading my definite major purpose statement (DMP) perfunctorily when it comes to true health.

– Affirming, afforming and seeing myself as true health.

– Sacrificing unhealthy chocolate.

Now, I could justify all my inadequacies in terms of the above very easily that would take a few pages of this blog. But I won’t. Because I would be making excuses to myself. Excuses to justify my old mindset thinking.

All I can remind myself at this juncture, is;

– I made a signed promise to myself that I would achieve my DMP.

– I made a signed promise that I would take consistent continuous action towards it.

– I made a signed promise that I would think and see myself clearly as that healthy person.

– I promised myself to persist until I succeed.

– I remind myself that I always keep my promises.

– I remind myself to be more enthusiastic in my reads, and focus on true health.

– I remind myself that I am nature’s greatest miracle.

This week, I am focusing on the virtue of courage, the courage to rise above any pain or fatigue and do all that I need to do, no matter how tough the challenge. No more excuses, because that is old blueprint mindset twaddle.

The old blueprint has failed me. Which actually means that the new one has started to take effect. I know what I can do. I know that I do it all now! And I know that I am strong, healthy, powerful, harmonious and happy. I also know that I am that what I will myself to be.

True health! I will it! Now!

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I increase my accomplishments every day!

I have unlimited potential to true health.

I practice and improve myself!

Dare to argue with me on that!

As nature knows no defeat and is always victorious, I am the same! I always win!

I am true health!

In gratitude, respect and love


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

24 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 15”

  1. Mark don’t own your pain, i understand what your accomplishing with the natural healing, im on the same path. I understand your challenges, but your difference is you now know your thoughts charged with felling and belief can get you though this. Do a sit and take deep breaths in listen to the beating of your heart. Than as you take a deep breath in say i breath in the holy spirit and on your slow breath out say, I release everything in my body that does not service me. Say this in your thoughts at least 15 to 20 mins everyday. Keep repeating it believe in it. If your mind wanders just bring it back. I started it last week but been off this week and your post is bringing it back to me. Your are whole perfect strong loving harmonious happy and healthy. Ask, Pray, Believe, Receive Happy Healthy year 2019

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  2. Mark I’m lifting you in prayer as Our Lord heals all of your physical pain.
    You are an inspiration to me and you are God’s greatest miracle.
    Hugs&Harmony xo🙏❤️👩‍🚒🚒🤙🗝

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      1. I appreciate you and thank you for your kindness. You’re in my prayers for healings. Hugs&Harmony, Naz xo🙏☝️❤️🤙🗝👩‍🚒🚒👑

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  3. Mark, your battle is very impressive and inspiring, but I am worried about you. I want to share with you my experience, maybe you will find anything helpful. When I was pregnant, I had really good experience and no problems or big inconveniences, because I had very positive attitude. I had closed my mind to all the negative comments from other women, media and even doctors. But still on week 39 I started to feel strong pain in my back. Could I prevent it? Absolutly, if I would have thorough knowledge of human anatomy and would pay attention to early signs. Would I fix it just with affirmations, meditation etc? I don’t thinks so, it was failure in mechanics, it would take forever, like to fix broken car wheel with just using “The Force” :D, also the pain started to shadow my positive attitude causing absolutely needless inner battle. So I went to an osteopath and that pain was fixed in one session. I hope that you know a true cause of your pain and you are making the right decisions. I believe that persistant and strong pain can blur our mind and distract from what we really need to focus on and there is no need to waste time fighting the effect when there are many natural and effective ways, like acupuncture or osteopathy, to deal with it, so you can put your energy in working only on eliminating the cause. Hope you will get better very soon!

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  4. Mark, I feel like pain in the body is a challenge, an obstacle in our journey of self awareness to learn from, to forgive the situation that is causing it and to release it by saying you are ready to let it go. You have learned from it, grown from it and it no longer serves you. Continue to commit to the Truth of who you are…The whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy part of you, Keep the Faith, stay on course and Peace be the journey. Laurie

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  5. When I have pain, I concentrate on the pain and realize that it is a set of neurons sending a message to my brain and I try very hard to redirect that message.

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