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Master Key Experience – From the Heart

Living in the heart

One of the best books I read when I started my spiritual soul searching journey was Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book – Living in the Heart. It was profound in so many ways and was combined with his meditations of how to access the inner heart.

I am raising this because the Master Key Experience ended essentially with the principles of applying love and harmony into one’s life and that it should be our deep intent and desire to live in that space. Well it didn’t end, it restarted itself.

Drunvalo discovered for himself the concept of the light body encompassing sacred geometries and within that, this held all the mysteries of the universe.

“…for truly I know who you are and I love you as the earth loves the sun. I believe in you…”

Before Babylon we apparently all spoke one language. This is not related to David Gray’s ‘Babylon’ song… 😆

And then we become separated and pitted ourselves against each other. Enemies. Competitors. And our common dream got lost.


We have always had a place in our heart that remembered the love we have for one another. It is there. It has always been there. No matter how much we may hate/despise/resent one another, this place in the heart is sacred. It’s always there.

And as such we should be working towards going back into this place deep in the heart. Applying the Law of Forgiveness brings us back to living in the heart.

Love and harmony.

“If you really want peace of spirit and want to return home, I invite you into the beauty of your own heart.”

Mark J left us with this superb teaching – that success will always depend on our giving of service. Drunvalo iterates the exact same thing.

“Once you have entered the ‘Light of the Great Darkness,’ your life will change – eventually you will remember who you really are ; eventually your life will become a life of service to humanity.”

And this journey all starts with the mind.

What an epiphanic moment!

“Everything is just light, the world is created from within the human soul… The human soul is far greater than anything science or the logical mind has ever considered. The outer world is created by the inner world that I somehow knew was in the human heart.”

We have within ourselves this love. It starts in our minds and hearts.

So therefore if we love something enough, we can consciously create with that love.

But here is the key. Creating from the mind with emotion. Once the thought comes into play one must engage the emotional body. We have to feel the emotion, because without this being engaged nothing will happen. And that is why all our repetitive work involved enthusiastic emoting.

The funny thing is, and I wrote about it in a previous blog relating to the Isaiah Effect, based on ancient scrolls from thousands of years ago, we are reminded that our requirement to make peace within is so essential.

The world within creates the world without.

I’m starting the Drunvalo meditations again. I’m going back into the heart. Deep into the heart.

With gratitude, respect and love.



Master Key Experience – in the weeks that follow…

What does The Law of Least Effort after an intense thought provoking 6 month Master Key Experience course truly mean?


Absolute brilliance.

In September last year we started a Master Key System course on the teachings of Charles Haanel, who was responsible for giving these principles to Napoleon Hill for his study of how these magical keys help people become successful.

Indeed it was an intense study of learning how to become a self directed thinker.

On how to be the continual observer of one’s thoughts. And of course how to quit procrastination in 25 very quick steps. 3 times a day. With 4 very simple words.

And how this process worked from day one.

It starts a process of creating new neural pathways in the brain to quit old bad habits, more especially old toxic thought habits and programs.

Something so simple and so quick, not taking more than a minute at a time.

Sounds crazy huh?

But it is in fact the complete opposite. It’s sheer brilliance.

Mark and Davene Januszewski – The teachers of this course – brought in their own studies from over 20 years, tying them into the Master Key principles.

So kudos to them for that.

The sun doesn’t need to think about rising or setting. It just does. The sea doesn’t need to think about flowing. It just flows.

And then to end the course, we get referred to Deepak Chopra’s Spiritual Laws of Success – Law of Least Effort principles.

“An integral being knows without going, sees without looking, and accomplishes without doing.”

– Lao Tzu

This is the principle of least action, no resistance. Which is really the principles of harmony and love.

“Grass doesn’t try to grow, it just grows. fish don’t try to swim, they just swim. Flowers don’t try to bloom, they just bloom. Birds don’t try to fly, they fly.”

This is nature. It just happens. And so then this brings us to a state of where you do nothing but accomplish everything. You create the idea of what you wish to have more of in life, and then manifestation of the idea comes effortlessly.

This is harmony with nature in motion.

Your actions are motivated from a place of love, because nature is held together by the energy of love.

When you seek power and control over other people, you waste energy. But when your actions are motivated by love, there is no waste of anything.

I am fortunate to be a part of a wonderful group of people from all over the world masterminding all these principles. And one of our esteemed tribe partners said this week – success happens when you are in service.

Service is indeed love!

It ties in so beautifully with what I do. In my network marketing business, I am being of service, in service to others. And the same goes with my coaching.

When you learn the principles of the law of least effort, then you get to understand how energy is wasted on trying to feel important, to be in ego, and how trying to be in power and controlling others is a true waste of energy. And it’s certainly not love.

It’s contrary to nature.

It doesn’t work. For example – if someone tries to control me or try to make me submit in any shape and form, I become the rebel. And push back. Hard! And most people are the same. It’s a waste of time and energy.

As opposed to coming from a place of love.

The love starts with oneself first. Applying the principles of the law of least effort to oneself and then to everything outside of ourselves.

Sheer brilliance.

We did the work to help shift the neural pathways. Creating new peptides in the brain, to help create a new life.

And now it’s time to relax and allow nature to do its work.

With love. From a place of love.

When we follow the law of least resistance, we become one with nature. And then there is a natural flow of energy. Exactly like the sun rising and setting. It doesn’t have to think about it. It just rises and sets.

I am in the flow.

In gratitude , respect and love.


Master Key Experience – Belief in oneself.

Amy Winehouse, Formula 1 motor racing and the immense power of believing in oneself.

When I studied the principles of strategic intervention coaching, I learnt about the 6 psychological basic human needs of the personality and spirit. And what stood out for me was our need for significance, love and connection. All of these needs bring us either pleasure or pain.

And then I learnt about the 2 things which hold us back from our greatness.

1. We believe that we are not good enough, and because we don’t believe we are good enough,

2. We believe that we won’t be loved enough.

Some people do think they are good enough. But do we truly know we are? I know my life is based on that premise, that I was not good enough. It took me many years of deep inner self reflection to finally understand that my subconscious mind choices were all based on me not feeling good enough. And that I actually am more than good enough.

We seek significance so hard, we don’t see how it debilitates us. We waste energy on trying to find recognition. And whilst it is part of us, in many instances it becomes our main focus.

Seeking it will do one of 2 things.

– Bring us immense pleasure.

– Cause us great emotional pain.

And whilst I have no regrets, only because it is a waste of energy, I truly wish I had known then what I know now.

And then I watched a Netflix series on the Formula 1 motor racing teams and then the life story of Amy Winehouse. And they both had a profound effect on me.

Amy Winehouse was so exceptionally talented. But she had no self esteem. No self worth. She hated all the attention and sought to escape it. She didn’t believe she was so talented. And escape it she did. To the point that she did so much physical damage to herself, her poor heart couldn’t take it. At the time of her death, her blood alcohol levels were 45 times more than the norm. 45 times!

You have to hate yourself to the point of no return to do that to yourself. Besides the fact that her organs were drug addled already.

One thing I learnt in my coaching business, is that I personally, cannot work with addicts. Why? Because they are so self absorbed and manipulative, when they want to use there are only 2 things at play in their unfortunate sick minds.

– Nothing matters, and

– No one matters.

And nothing I say or do can help them. They have to reach beyond rock bottom to want to shift themselves. So I choose not to work with them.

Amy Winehouse had no self esteem. She latched onto another no self worth addict – her husband – and loved him for all she was worth. And it eventually destroyed her. Her pain is evident in the lyrics of her songs. It deep and soulful. And so sad.

She was so creative and so talented. But couldn’t see it. She was loved by many, especially her parents. But she couldn’t see it or feel it either.

‘Nothing matters and no one matters.’

And because of her complete lack of self worth, trying to feel significant caused her much pain. To the point that she destroyed herself.

What then are we doing to make ourselves feel significant? Does it cause pleasure or pain?

What would happen if suddenly all social media disappeared? No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Snapchat, no WhatsApp, we would end up with depressed suicidal generations. And a whole bunch less of couch activists. No self esteem.

Social media keeps us falsely connected. It helps us feel significant. But in essence it also helps us be less connected authentically.

So Amy went about destroying herself because she didn’t feel good enough or loved enough. And she certainly had no love for herself.

Sad indeed! Wasted talent and creativity.

And then I watched the Formula 1 series. Here is the immense power of the mind at play. To be a racing car driver of that calibre, one has to have tons of self confidence. Did I happen to mention tons of self confidence. Yes, that!

And talent of course. These guys work extremely hard to keep up a positive mindset especially when they could be prone to crashing or car troubles. Their burning desire to be world champion is palpable. Even if you are at the bottom of the table and not scoring points. And here is a true mastermind alliance at play. A massive team all with one intention. To win. To be the best. To be the fastest. To be world champions.

There is a huge contrast between Amy and racing car drivers. They found what it takes to have the self esteem to be the best. To enjoy the fans. To continually chase their dreams.

They believe in themselves. Their teams believe in them. They feel worthy. Even when they don’t win, because they know they have to be on top form for the next race.

They feel good enough. Well mostly. I’m sure they have their off days. We all do.

But they don’t go out and destroy themselves just because they experience pain.

There is too much at stake.

To Amy – I wish you could have loved yourself. Felt worthy. If you had, today you would be my world champion.

Believing in ourselves carries immense power. Huge, gargantuan, immense power.

In gratitude, respect and love.


Master Key Experience – Week 24

“You can get out of life exactly what you wish, by first putting into life, that which you wish.”

This is the Charles Haanel part 24 lesson. I added commas for effect.

He will forgive me.

And it all depends on one’s habit of thought.

We are what we think. Wishing starts with a thought.

This Master Key Experience has shown us that. Change your thought habits and you change your life. And despite the plethora of power of mind and thought courses out there, nothing can stand in the way of the Master Key System, taught over a period of 6 months.

And thanks to Mark and Davene Januszewski and the incredible guides, the course was created for us to become new self directed thinkers. Masters of a new mind blueprint.

Change is a process, not a sudden event. We can’t decide to change a habit one day and expect it to last. Consistency means every day. Many times a day.

And how we pushed back in so many ways. Our old way of thinking coming back to challenge us.

It is us who has the power of the alchemist. “Gold in the mind may be transmuted to gold in the heart and in the hand,” says Haanel.

The subconscious mind makes all our decisions. It makes sense now doesn’t it?

It’s based on the natural laws of the universe. Law – that is what is important to understand.

Earl Shoaff – Jim Rohn’s mentor, describes it best.

If a man decides to jump off a high building, it doesn’t matter if he is a saint. When he hits the ground he will be a dead saint. The law of? Gravity, yes, you guessed right. You get this quicker than most. The same way if a man decides to switch on a light, the light will light up – the law of electricity.

Well that depends where you live of course. In South Africa at the moment we have so much forced load shedding, switching on the light will not always be successful. But you get the drift.

So best we learn how to use these laws properly.

Our lives are governed by laws. Spiritual Laws, natural laws, gravity laws, electricity laws, manifestation laws, and many others.

And of course the laws of the mind.

Mostly we govern our lives based on the laws of lack. We have created thoughts based on lack deeply intrenched into our subconscious minds.

My health issues are based therein. I created it through my thoughts and emotions.

My elbow challenge which resulted me in having surgery 3 weeks ago is described by Lise Bourbeau in her book, ‘Your body is telling you to love yourself,’ – resulted from me holding back anger, specifically the stifled urge to hit someone. This is my emotional block. Bitterness, anger and frustration have ruled my life.

Yes, my family and friends I can hear you laughing. Those that know me. Of course. It’s ok, I won’t hit you, I’m laughing too.

I internalized my anger and frustrations, I became inflexible. And as much as wanting to hit someone, I know that it won’t solve anything. So instead of dealing with my emotional issues, I internalized it. I fear being stuck and therefore created the inflexibility.

And then I wonder why my personal pivotal need for true health hasn’t come to fruition.

So how do I shift it, with all this knowledge? Am I not my own alchemist?

By opening my heart more. By being love. That’s who I am. Or should be. I know my heart is closed. I’ll work on that. But it’s a process. It won’t happen overnight. Just like the consistent repetitive reciting of Og Mandino’s scrolls, and all the other ‘things’ I do daily to create new brain peptides to enhance new habits.

Shifting the old habits, the old mind blueprint is definitely not for the faint hearted. It’s work. Daily.

It’s shifting one’s vibration. Breaking state.

How often?

All the #$&*%!$ time!

We are taught that to break state we need to be in motion, mentally, emotionally and physically. Reciting our reads with unbridled enthusiasm. Moving our bodies daily. Creating a new vibration!

Thoughts that are emotionalized, are magnetized.

Our outside world is always governed by our inner world. If our inner world is toxic, then the conditions that face us will be toxic too.

This is the world of the new self directed thinker.

Mastering our thoughts.

Loving ourselves.

Opening our hearts to helping others and creating kindnesses.

Knowing the laws of the universe

Consistently transmuting gold into our minds, hearts and hands.

Being authentic to ourselves first and then to and with others.

We can get what we want out of life, when we apply this.

Putting into life – love and truth.

It all starts with a thought…

In gratitude, respect and love.


Master Key Experience – Week 23

We have now come full circle in the Master Key Experience teachings. The Law of Least Effort comes at just the right time for me.

As you know, the past few weeks have been terribly challenging. Physical difficulties, which led to emotional and deep mental worries, an operation, which led to a feeling of helplessness and a couldn’t care less attitude.

All a vibrational state of mind really. Despite 5 months of intense new neural pathway creation.

And many people I spoke to seem to be experiencing the same thing on different levels.

Well, same, same, but different.

And then in this weeks webinar teaching, along popped in the Laws of Least Effort.

As the inimitable Mark J, Davene and Lori explained the teachings, I listened fervently, knowing that in order to shift my toxic mindset, this was actually my key to my own shift.

I pulled out books I had bought many years ago, Deepak Chopra’s – The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success and Diana Cooper’s – A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws, took out my note pad, my index cards and went to work. And of course in true Mark Cameron fashion, I went to see where the laws originated from. It carries more academic weight for me when I find that they are indeed ancient teachings. Not just something that someone discovered last week.

Don’t ask me why, it just does.

I am the ever petulant ‘but why’ child.

And I found that in the book of Maat, which is the legacy of Hermès Trismegistus, who lived thousands of years ago – I won’t go into his history – I would need more than a thousand pages, the law of least effort is specifically mentioned in Isis V – Ankh 23.

So I sat upright, focused and paid attention.

My state of emotional vibration shifted.

I felt better.

What is proverbially hilarious of course, is that we are in the Og Mandino, Scroll VI process – I am the master of my emotions. Just when I think it’s all mastered, the Universe in its infinite wisdom sends random tests to see if I am subconsciously convinced enough.

“Dear Universe. You are not Ricky Gervais! He is funny, you are not.”

When I started my journey of understanding the soul journey on this school called earth, many moons and summers ago, my intention was to shift my life into the 5th dimension. And to live there. And in the words of one of my teachers – Osho, I wanted to be known for this.

“If the man was a great lover and he loved, and loved unconditionally, and his life was a flame of love, a light of love, then death will close the chapter with a flame burning bright.”

I once aspired fully to that. And then life happened, and I forgot. And then I was reminded this week again.

The laws of least effort say that if you are struggling with yourself, you are struggling against the whole Universe. Well, no wonder I am so fatigued.

We are multi dimensional beings. Enlightenment only exists on higher levels of this vibrational frequency range. And the way to higher levels of consciousness is through love and light.

As Diana Cooper explains;

“The 1st dimension is the mineral kingdom, where new ideas are rooted. The 2nd is the plant world, which needs light to grow. Light contains spiritual information and knowledge.

The 3rd dimension is the animal kingdom. Very materialistic and negative people are also in this dimensional frequency…

Our planet is moving into the 4th dimension, where humans remember past lives and truth about who they are. The heart begins to open to unconditional love.”

Then she continues with this…

“In order to move into the frequency of the 5th dimension, people must have forgiven themselves and others. Fear and negativity will have been transmuted. Here is the understanding of Oneness.”

Bam! 💥

And this my dear friends is why the Master Key Experience teachings have helped me return full circle.

We cannot experience Oneness being in the 3rd dimension. We cannot manifest from lower levels of vibration. That’s why we have the ‘sit’ every day. The periods of silence. The Law of Forgiveness. The Law of Dual Thought. Et al.

Because it is said that it is in the silence that miracles occur.

“Today I am the master of my emotions. I recognize and identify the mystery of needs in all mankind, and in me. I control my mind and my personality. I master my moods with positive action which controls my destiny. I become the master of myself. I am great!”

Og Mandino

Full circle.

In gratitude, respect and love


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