Master Key Experience – Week 17 HJ

What does it take to be the Hero in ones life?

Joseph Campbell, the creator of the concept of the Hero’s Journey

Courage, perseverance, persistence, authenticity, gratitude, a willingness to answer the call to adventure, stepping into the unknown, trials, tribulations, experiencing the abyss, self confidence, loving oneself and allowing others to help and guide one from the unknown back to the known. Transformation!

To be a hero in one’s own life involves answering a call to action. A call to start an adventure. And it can be scary to make that choice. Do I step into the unknown, or do I stay where I am?

Every movie and book depicts the hero’s journey. That’s why we love to escape into them. Because we resonate with the hero. Desiring that for ourselves. We experience feel good moments in that hero’s life.

We all seek to be our own hero.

We get stuck on the journey because of our limited belief systems and our skewed perceptions. We believe what we think, is right. Really? Is it? Or are there other possibilities?

I’ll share one of my limited beliefs. I don’t believe doctors can heal disease. I know science backs me on that. My perception is also that doctors are held hostage by big pharma. And of course there is evidence to that too. So then, my mind says, I don’t like doctors. They don’t understand nutrition and what real medicine is. But, having said that, I would hate the local plumber or algorithm analyst to be attending to me if I had to land up in any emergency room.

So doctors aren’t all that bad then, yes?

I almost didn’t step into network marketing because of my limited perceptions. I’m grateful I made that call to action. It wasn’t easy, but I drew a line in the sand and stepped over it.

It provides me with a steady passive income. Imagine if I had stayed in my 14 hour a day mundane chefs job? Earning a pittance. Going nowhere. I stepped into the unknown when I made that decision to hang up my chefs jacket. It was scary. But 6 years later, I’m glad I did. I am becoming the hero in my own life.

No! I am indeed the hero in my own life!

Life is filled with unlimited possibilities.

And then I read the blogs of a fellow MKE member. I won’t mention his name in case he desires some privacy. But this man is a true hero. And the hero in him inspires the hero in me.

All my challenges seem superfluous and inane compared to what this man has experienced.

He lost his home to an earthquake.

Insurance are not covering it. Typically of course.

He is living in his car.

It’s snowing here he is.

He has an accident and is injured.

Car is written off.

He is still living in his car.

Someone breaks into his car and steals his computer and other things.

He is still living in his car with the broken window.

He gets some money and buys a computer so he can continue with this course.

He blogs from his phone.

Living in his car.

The courage that this man exhibits is nothing less than being a super hero. I cannot imagine what it must be like to experience what he has experienced and is experiencing. Living in one’s car with a broken window! In the snow! Freezing cold!

I dare to ever complain again!

A true hero. A super hero. An uber super hero.

My wish for him is that his chief aims in life manifest quickly, that he can quickly recover his life. That the courage and determination he exhibits brings him many kindnesses. And that the world is kinder to him than ever before.

“Despite thoughts of failure, depression, hopelessness and being alone, I struggled forward anyway.” He says.

My hero.

In gratitude, respect and love



Mind Mastery – Question 1

How do I deal with failure?

I recently created a Facebook page called Mind Mastery. This is geared towards my offering of online courses coming soon this year.

One of the aspects of this offering is about your questions in relation to dealing with some of life’s challenges. And good pertinent questions will be answered in the form of a blog.

You see, I love helping people. I’ve done it most of my life. It’s one of my core values. I’m rewarded knowing that all the stuff I have studied and researched intensely over the past 15 years is of value to you. It has been to me. Cutting to the chase – if it works for me, it can work for you.

So one of my new followers – I will call him ‘Dale’ to respect his identity, posted two questions in the message section. One of the questions was – How do I deal with failure?

It’s a very good powerful question.

Here’s the kicker…

If you are failing at something continuously, do you,

1. Quit and give up, or,

2. Find solutions to the challenge?

If one gives up easily when the going gets tough, then what happens is you subconsciously set yourself up for failure. What you will do is give up every time things get tough. There is a very cliche statement – “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got!”

This tells you to give up easily when the going gets tough. But there are ways around it. If you know how.

To every challenge there is a solution.

In Dale’s case, he is a student studying accounting. And he struggles to pass tax and auditing.

So he has already set up in his mind that he will fail. And the law of growth applies. What you think about you bring about. What you think about grows.

He cannot then be surprised if he fails. He told himself that he will fail.

His solution to this is simple.

– Find mentors who are knowledgeable in tax and auditing to assist him.

– Create a mastermind group of people who can brainstorm ideas to support him.

– Start working on his own self confidence challenges.

– Understand the laws of substitution, growth, dual thought, subconscious, practice, relaxation and forgiveness.

He is not a failure, and hasn’t failed. He has a burning desire to pass his exams. His challenges only lie in his mind, more specifically, his subconscious mind.

Society tell us we are failures if we don’t succeed. What a load of rubbish. Society is the one that has failed people like Dale. And that shocking negative rubbish belief system is in his subconscious mind. It was in mine too.

– What if he truly understood the concept of – “I persist until I succeed?

– What if he used the law of practice and dual thought to create a new positive mindset that worked in his favour?

– What if he spoke his future into existence?

Wouldn’t his future self appreciate that?

Understanding the power of the subconscious mind is everything.


Because the subconscious mind makes ALL your decisions.

In gratitude, respect and love.

Master Key Experience – Week 17

The guy or gal in the mirror. A profound self esteem evaluation.

Virtually everyone in this world has issues related to self esteem. Even those people who say they don’t. I’ve encountered them in my coaching practice. All I need to do is view their Facebook profile, or anything else on social media. And I see.

There is a difference between a self awareness mind and an ego inflicted mind.

We all desire to be noticed.

We all desire to feel significant.

And how we go about seeking that, reflects much of our life.

One of the 4 basic needs of the personality is significance. And all of these needs either provide us pleasure or pain.

We seek it in the same way we seek love. Or food. Or money. The pleasure part that is. We do our best to avoid the pain. But it comes anyway.

I seek significance too, just like you, the whole world and his brother or sister!

There are 3 basic ways I personally seek significance.

1. From myself.

2. From the likes and comments I get on my social media posts.

3. Most especially from feeling rewarded knowing I am helping others in my network marketing business and in my coaching business. Your success is my success.

In 1997, 21 years ago, I started a support group of people all experiencing divorce or a broken relationship. Predominantly women. Men have it all sorted…. well they mistakenly think so anyway.

The group purpose was to teach the cycle of grief we all experience when we experience relationship loss. To support each other and to grow our self awareness and self esteem.

I was suddenly thrust into this arena that I knew not much about, except the deep physiological pain of a divorce.

I researched and studied fervently. The internet was still being birthed. So I spent time in book shops and libraries researching how we get through painful experiences. I made copious notes. And it all resonated.

And along arrived a few abused women into the group. And my research revealed only one way of rebuilding self esteem.

Self love.

By looking into the mirror and saying – “I love you Mark Cameron!”

It was the hardest thing I had ever done. Harder than all the training I did for the 160km Iron Man triathlon I had completed. And that was tough. Training 2 disciplines a day. Every day!

I struggled to look myself into my eyes.

I couldn’t say the words.

But one day, I could. And every day after that, it become easier. So I knew that if it worked for me, it could work for others.

We are all the same. Well, same same but different.

So I taught it.

And I had many people tell me that they experienced fantastic results in terms of their self esteem. Especially some of the abused women. They were more confident than ever!

And then along came the Master Key Experience course.

And one of the first tasks we are given to do is paste the ode of the Guy/Gal in the mirror to our bathroom mirror to read every day.

💥Bam💥. A gargantuan ‘bam’ moment.

You are welcome to copy it and print it for your own use too. It’s an exercise in self love.

So then the best way to build self esteem and self confidence is to start loving yourself in the mirror.

It will be tough, but it’s worth it. You easily invest in material things, why not yourself?

I teach that saying it for 60-90 days – telling yourself how much you love yourself – in the mirror, will create your new self confidence. And we look into the mirror a few times a day. Every day!

If you do the exercise consistently and repetitively, your vision of your version of yourself will change. I know. It worked for me. I cared much for what other people thought of me. Now I don’t. I love who I am with all my faults and idiosyncrasies. I love who I have become. I love me.

I became the guy in the mirror.

I love you Mark Cameron. Truly I do.

I still look in the mirror. Why don’t you too?

In gratitude respect and love


Master Key Experience – Week 16 – Addendum

The principle of kindness – a shift in mindset

We most definitely find what we perform incorrectly or fail to do every day, whether in ourselves or others. If you are like me, I’m exceptionally hard on myself. I lambaste myself. Even though my friends tell me not to be so hard on myself.

And then I learnt something new. It’s so cool to learn new things, yes? Especially when it seems so basic and logical, one asks oneself, “How the hell did I miss that?”

In my old blueprint mindset, the lambasting to myself would take the form of, “How can you be that stupid?” Profanities excluded.

Lashings to the subconscious mind. And all the subconscious mind hears is, “stupid.”

Not conducive to finding and creating new neural pepetides in the brain towards a happy and significant life. And it’s no wonder why I believe that there are only 2 types of people in this world. Stupids and everyone else.

It’s like taking a sledgehammer to new thought.

Instead of finding one’s wrongs in ones day, how about finding what one did correctly? What one achieved. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

And celebrating that!

And then you get kindness. Performing kindnesses. Looking for the kindnesses of others. Without getting caught out.

This week of kindness was profound for me. The first part was great. I was tested in the latter part of this week, as I struggled to express kindness. My old blueprint arose.

When I filled out my kindness card, I noticed that I wasn’t being the observer of my kindnesses, even to myself. When I look at my kindness virtue card, I notice that I haven’t reflected that many.

And then I gave it some thought.

I realized that there were many more kindnesses in my day. Whether it was a compliment to a friend in a text message. Accepting new friends on Facebook. Or whether it was a response to a message on Fb messenger. Or providing a lift to someone on behalf of a family member.

And did I celebrate those? Of course not. I was too busy looking for the wrongs.

But now I’m celebrating the rights. I’m grateful I’m not a bibulous dude. Otherwise I would be the local sot.

Eating the right food is permeating a kindness on oneself.

Doing some exercise is a kindness to oneself.

Correcting one’s negative thoughts is a kindness to oneself.

Giving a compliment is a kindness.

Smiling at someone is a kindness.

Helping someone is a kindness.

Small things, sometimes unnoticed. All kindnesses.

And now I am in a perpetual state of awareness.

And of course to double my kindnesses.

That’s the shift in mindset!

In gratitude, respect and love


Master Key Experience – Week 16

Why a connection to Infinite Intelligence ranks right up there with oxygen and money

We all love stories right? So let me relate one to you.

One of my personal pivotal needs is True Health, and every day I do my reads and my sits, I am in effect changing my old mindset blueprint. And even though I may not experience changes as quickly as I would like, I always remind myself that – God’s delays are not God’s denials.

It doesn’t matter what we call this incredible being of creation, wisdom and energy, it’s just an English name for our Higher Power. Infinite Intelligence. Spirit. The Universe. The Sacred Mystery, and of course the omnipotent God! And many other powerful names.

After my experiences with pain last week, I came across celery juice that is supposed to help inflammation and a whole bunch of other things. A friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while mentioned that she had heard about it, and why don’t I try it. True health.

And I did.

And I am almost sure it is helping. Too early to tell, but I am being consistent with 2-3 glasses a day.

That’s not the moral of the story.

How did this come about is the question to ask?

New Age thinkers know this power and how it works. Charles Haanel was one of them. He tells us why the sit – our meditative time is so important, because it connects us to this Energy of Being.

He tells us that our words which become sentences, must always be carefully framed because whatever we say, we say to this Infinite Intelligence.

And we know we are in the process of reprogramming our subconscious minds to connect with our Higher Power, to help manifest our needs and desires.

And then when we do that consistently and repetitively with emotion, it’s becomes a quantum energy of exceptional vibration, and we will receive decisive messages to guide us.

Here’s the ‘kicker.’ To quote someone famous!

All we have to do is speak our desires out loud with emotion, because what happens is, spirit is listening, and then conspires together with us to assist us in achieving them.

Hence my friend mentioning to me the celery juice.

Isn’t that a 💥bam💥 moment?

I’m working on true health. I’m speaking it into existence. And then The Universe, conspired with me to bring me this new information.

How did I get the thought to call her and connect after we hadn’t connected for awhile?

Where did that thought come from?

What was it’s purpose?

To bring me closer to my true health desires. The Universe sent me the message of the thought to contact her and I took action.

I had a choice. To not call her, to not listen to what she was saying and to not follow through. I am in tune with the messages I receive. I know they come from the Sacred Mystery.

I chose to call, listen and follow through. Her act of kindness helped me.

Coincidence or serendipity?

There are no coincidences.

True health!


In gratitude, respect and love


Master Key Experience – Week 15

The old mind blueprint – how does it still serve me?

Does it? It cannot serve me any longer, but it’s still lurking in the background.

Maybe I need someone else to inform it about it’s new required way of thinking with something that involves a baseball bat, and a few swift lashes…

The levels of chronic pain I experienced in my body of the past few weeks have set me back from my daily reads and new habit forming behaviours. Pain has a way of debilitation. Pain in new areas. Resultant chronic fatigue. Not conducive to happy living.

And I don’t run to doctors or take pills to mask the pain. I believe I can heal.

What does that tell me?

It is evident that my focus on my personal pivotal need for true health seems to not be registering. Or maybe it is, and I am not focused enough On what it is doing for me.

“Are you blaming the old blueprint dude?”

“I don’t know, am I?”

Here are my insights. I am ever the observer. The stuff I am not effectively doing yet,

– Exercising consistently.

– Always eating healthy nutritious foods.

– Reading my definite major purpose statement (DMP) perfunctorily when it comes to true health.

– Affirming, afforming and seeing myself as true health.

– Sacrificing unhealthy chocolate.

Now, I could justify all my inadequacies in terms of the above very easily that would take a few pages of this blog. But I won’t. Because I would be making excuses to myself. Excuses to justify my old mindset thinking.

All I can remind myself at this juncture, is;

– I made a signed promise to myself that I would achieve my DMP.

– I made a signed promise that I would take consistent continuous action towards it.

– I made a signed promise that I would think and see myself clearly as that healthy person.

– I promised myself to persist until I succeed.

– I remind myself that I always keep my promises.

– I remind myself to be more enthusiastic in my reads, and focus on true health.

– I remind myself that I am nature’s greatest miracle.

This week, I am focusing on the virtue of courage, the courage to rise above any pain or fatigue and do all that I need to do, no matter how tough the challenge. No more excuses, because that is old blueprint mindset twaddle.

The old blueprint has failed me. Which actually means that the new one has started to take effect. I know what I can do. I know that I do it all now! And I know that I am strong, healthy, powerful, harmonious and happy. I also know that I am that what I will myself to be.

True health! I will it! Now!

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I increase my accomplishments every day!

I have unlimited potential to true health.

I practice and improve myself!

Dare to argue with me on that!

As nature knows no defeat and is always victorious, I am the same! I always win!

I am true health!

In gratitude, respect and love


Master Key Experience – Week 14

The law of growth, the law of relaxation of thought, spiritual thoughts and its application.

This weeks Master Key reading reminded me of this true story.

A few years ago I ran out of money. Literally. I had no food, but for a few slices of bread, and nothing else. No cash, nothing in my bank. Zip, nada, nothing! I had run out of coffee and milk. My monthly expenses exceeded my income. Far too much month at the end of the money.

I was standing in my kitchen blaming and crying in frustration at the Universe. I even used self-abasing profanity at this entity of creation. I could not call out as my cell phone provider had suspended me for non payment. I could however receive calls.

I spent a little while in this emotional state of horribleness. I would not ask for help, so I was completely alone and isolated. Well not really, but that was my state of mind.

And somehow my intuitive ability came into play. I heard ‘gratitude.’

How does one start being grateful when the world seems to be so crushing and debilitating?

I knew I had to shatter my emotional state somehow. Challenging when all thoughts are dark and somewhat dangerous.


I heard ‘gratitude’ again. And then into my mind came a reminder that focusing on lack only brings more lack. The law of growth. What we think about, we grow. Lack brings more lack. And of course vice versa.

Where did that thought come from? It came from outside of me. From the entity of beautiful creation that I was heavily cursing. And we see that in this weeks Master Key teaching – “thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore endowed with creative power.”

With a tear stained face, I started looking for what I could be grateful for. My car, petrol in my car, my clothes, the roof over my head, my furniture, my plethora of books, ad infinitum. I was in essence applying the law of substitution.

After about 5 minutes, I stated to feel lighter, because my focus was on the good in my life.

After about 15 minutes, my mother called me. Unless she needs something, she seldom calls me. I try call her on the days I don’t see her.

Cutting a long story short, she helped me to get food and pay off my cell phone provider.

How did she know to call me? Because I applied the law of substitution, the law of gratitude, the law of growth and that connected me to The Universe, and the Universe conspires with me to bring help. A miracle much! So from abject misery, I shifted to being exceptionally grateful at the energy which co-creates with us.

If I was not a meditator applying the law of a relaxed mental state, I would not have developed intuitive ability. We know a relaxed mind is the connection to Infinite Intelligence.

The more I expressed gratitude, the more the law of growth applied itself. And I received miraculous help.

“Most persons concentrate intently upon unsatisfactory conditions, thereby giving the condition that measure of energy and vitality which is necessary in order to supply a vigorous growth.”

Charles Haanel – The Master Key System.

Writing the gratitude flash cards was and is a beautiful experience. I’m focused only on good growth. Gratitude shifts negativity. I’m proof of that.

It’s part of success mentality.

Earl Nightingale reminds us – when planting seeds, the land doesn’t care what seed is planted. It will grow that seed. The land is our subconscious mind. The moral lesson is be the observer of what seeds are planted in the mind. Lack seeds produce lack. Success seeds produce success.

Our realities are created by what we think. And it grows…

And then… what else is possible?…

In gratitude, respect and love