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I am a network marketer in my one business in the health and wellness sector. In my other business, I am a strategic intervention, self mastery, intuitive life coach.

In both businesses, I get to help people, which I love doing and which fits in with my personality core values. I have been learning how to shift my mindset for many years, and as much as I think I know, I realize that I’m a perpetual student on this school called Earth. I get excited teaching what I learn, because if I can change my life, so can everyone else. The principles once applied are awesome! I am truly fascinated by the workings of the mind.

My ramblings here are my journey, and I experience epiphanies every time I learn something new.

On a personal note

On a personal level, I’m divorced, have a beautiful wonderful incredible daughter, am an avid reader, meditator, chocolate, cake and coffee lover. I do spiritual healing in my spare time and love to research scientific facts about food, supplements and nutrition.

I studied law and accountancy at University, practiced as a liquidator and trustee then emigrated overseas to a country where I lost everything after a year, didn’t speak the language, and had to become a room cleaner in an hotel to help feed my family. In 18 months I was the hotel General Manager. I returned to South Africa, was a hotel GM for a year and then opened a restaurant with my mom. She taught me how to cook, and after 17 years of being an executive chef, and then losing my passion, left the industry.

I became a judge for our country’s Chefs Association in that time, as well.

In 2005, I started studying our soul journey and why we came here. I taught meditation and the spiritual journey and still do that from time to time. I did all the Pranic Healing courses, and still apply the teachings and do the Twin Hearts meditations. I love using my crystal healing wand in the healings I do.

I started studying the mind and why we do what we do, and taught that as well. I am self taught in the power of the mind, the subconscious mind, NLP, emotional intelligence, strategic intervention and life coaching. I focus on the 6 basic needs of the personality and the mind in my coaching.

I also still like elements of the law, so I get to occasionally chair disciplinary hearings for companies.

I also joined a network marketing company, reached a very good leadership level, and am working on making lots of money for my eventual retirement.

I love learning new things, especially so that I can help others.

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