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Davene and Mark Januszewski – Interview with Mark Cameron in South Africa. 

We, the Fabulous Davene and I, Mark Januszewski, known as the worlds laziest networkers, are sitting on the patio of Mark Cameron’s  beach house in Plettenberg Bay (Plett) on the East Cape coast in South Africa (SA). It’s a far cry from Kauai, Hawaii, where we live, but it’s really beautiful. Mark C invited us to interview him in SA, on how his experiences with the Master Key Experience, helped fulfill his personal pivotal needs (PPN’s), of liberty and true health in a relatively short time.

He chose us to interview him, because we are known as one of the most successful bloggers and he affiliated himself with our business, so that he could help others change their lives too. His blogs are read world wide, and a multitude of people desire his coaching and teachings. 

It’s a cool early morning, the sun is gently up and we are sitting on very comfortable, lush cane couches, drinking wonderful good espresso machine made coffee, in bone china cups, with stiff frothed milk, after we took a good long early walk on the beautiful beach with his 2 staffies, who frolicked at the waters edge. 

Mark C knows how to make a good coffee. 

We have been here in Plett for 2 days, our first time in SA, after having been to the Kruger National Park (KNP) to see the animals, especially the giraffes. And we got to see wonderful giraffes. Standing tall! If you have read my book, you will know what I’m talking about! 

We are acclimatized and relaxed with Mark’s incredible hospitality. He has cooked for us, he was an award winning chef for 17 years, and his food is delicious, nutritious and healthy. And we have had the traditional South African braai, which we Americans call a ‘Baabi’. You have to say that with a strong Bostonian accent. The meat here is really good. Mark only buys grass feed beef, and all of his food is healthy and organic. 

Mark C looks extremely well, and is vitalized. He taught us a new exercise regime on the beach called the nitric oxide release, which is a 3 sets of 4 exercises with 20 reps each, repeated 3 times a day. 

“Mark, tell us about the exercises.”

“Well, firstly it’s so awesome, a privilege and such an honour to have you and Davene here after all those many webinars where I could see you and you couldn’t see me. So I feel I know you already.”

We chuckle as Mark continued.

“As you may know, my health was very challenged.  And I wasn’t getting better. And because I didn’t trust doctors to look for the causes of dis-ease, I found this exercise from a Dr Mercola, and a Dr Zeb Bush. I follow their advice because they use scientific facts behind their work. That resonates with me. I know it does with you too. In essence, it’s 4 simple exercises which help increase the nitric oxide (NO) production in the blood vessels. Because as we age those levels drop, and this helps increase the production of the NO and helps improve overall health.”

“And it works for me.” 

“How wonderful did it feel? The key is repetition and consistency.” Mark C guffaws as he says this, because he knows that changing a habit and the old subconscious mind (subby) blueprint takes the discipline of consistency and repetition. I have watched him over the past few days, and his regime of doing his reading out loud with ‘enthooosism’ is repetitive and consistent. And he meditates on his reads after, which we call ‘sits’. He knows that this is what lead to his immense success. 

“Yeah, it’s a good addition to my P90X exercise regime,” Mark J concurs. “I saw you jumping on a little trampoline. What is that for?”

“Cleaning the dishes,” Mark C chuckles again. “This exercise helps clean the lymphatic system in the body of its toxins. Again the consistency and repetition has strengthened my body as well. My organs are finally in the best condition they have ever been. I can do an hour a day now. In the beginning I started with 2 minutes, 3 times a day. And how cool is that? And you got me started on all this, with creating my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) statement.”

“One of my PPN’s is true health and I spoke this all into existence. It helped me manifest true health, because as I consistently did the 3 times daily reads, my subby had no defense against my voice, and my body followed my clear intentions. I created a clear vision in my mind of what I desired to look like, feel like and be like.  And the reads helped me get my mojo back, so that exercising became a pleasure and not a chore. I did a great service by doing your MKE course. It’s been the best thing I have ever done. I am deeply grateful to you, Davene and the team.”

“What’s more is that, from being chronically fatigued because my body was so challenged, I have this extra vigor. And what’s so cool, is that I spoke this into existence.”

Davene interjected, leaning forward, the dogs at her feet, sipping on her coffee. “How did you get to buy this beautiful house, what plan of action arose from the course?”

“Between reading the Og Mandino scrolls, whom I lovingly refer to as ‘Oggie’, the blueprint builder statement, which is very clear and concise, my DMP, my affirmations, forgiveness rituals, gratitude rituals and linking shapes and colours to events, I realized after 5 years of playing with mind power information I had at the time, something was missing, that the only way I could shift my old sick blueprint, was to be truly consistent, repetitive and give 100% effort. And from that I had clear thoughts that helped me rebuild my Network Marketing (NWM) business. So I started with prospecting one person a day. And with the compound effect of all the inner work I did, and still do, suddenly I was prospecting more people with the phenomenal skills I learnt on the Go90Grow course. And the skills are everything.”

“I get to make around 20 hours of calls with my team every week in 3 way calls, based on your skills teachings, and with educating them in the skills, they have taught their teams the skills, and eventually they will build this business without me. Duplication through education, as you taught.”

“I manifested my Presidential Director pin level in 2017 in my Mannatech business, after 4 years of not really doing much, and then part of the business collapsed. And Lior, my upline, your good friend, introduced me to the skills. And they resonated. And from there, it became about teaching skills to get to talk to people about what they wanted in life, not what I wanted for them. To talk to their value system as opposed to hitting them over the head and dragging them into my cave. So to speak.”

We laughed, he got this quicker and better than most!

“When the business became challenged, I knew I had created that through my inner world limited beliefs. And when I changed my beliefs, my business exploded. I love the products in our business, they also helped with my true health. The products are properly backed by real science and the company is incredible.”

“Yeah, it’s a really good company, and I know the products,” I responded. 

“So now I’m a Platinum Presidential Director, earning massive amounts of money, and get to enjoy life even better than ever before. Besides my Mannatech business, my coaching business also went to a new level. I started doing workshops on the power of the mind. You see, I found a book by Henry T Hamblin, written 100 year ago on the Power of Thought, after I started a study of – why we came here, and the soul journey. 

“And for the past 15 years, I learnt about why we do the things that we do. And the more I learnt the better I became at being myself. And then you came along with the teachings and study of Charles Haanel’s, Master Key System, and it took what I knew to a different level. It filled in all the missing pieces.”

“I feel really good knowing that over 3000 children under the age of 5 are being nutritionally helped with our unique science based products, through the efforts of my team.  It’s part of the ‘give more, get more social entrepreneurship programme I am involved in in Mannatech.”

“Being a better version of myself, has been what has led to this amazing success, which I am so grateful for.”

Mark’s daughter, Ariella, a splitting image of him, but in a female version in her late 20’s came through and joined us, coffee in hand. She greeted us smiling. She had been with us to the KNP, her first visit too. Mark told us that one of his biggest wishes was to provide income producing investments for her as his legacy so that she was set for life financially. She successfully ran her own company, and decided to take a few days off to see her dad, and spend time with us. He had achieved that, and she of course didn’t have to worry about anything financial again. He kept saying what an incredible feeling that accomplishment was.

I asked Mark C to elucidate us more about his life, and how he came to all of this. 

“I studied law and accounting at University, became a liquidator and then emigrated to Israel. I lost all my money there very quickly and the only job I could get was as a room cleaner in a hotel. I built myself up to night auditor and then night manager, eventually returning to SA as a hotel general manager. Ariella was born in Israel. Then my late dad bought a restaurant and told my mom and I to go run it. You didn’t say no to my dad. So I gave up ‘hoteliering’ and had to learn how to chef. My mom was a good teacher, we ran it for 10 years. I then went to work as an executive chef for a franchise group, my one sister died and I lost my passion. And then the NWN business came my way. I believe she brought it to me.”

“During my liquidation years, emigrating, returning and cheffing,  I had been married and divorced 4 times, and after my 4th divorce realized that they couldn’t only be to blame, I had to accept my part in it too. So I started a spiritual journey of studying about who, what and why, we are.  And because there were so many epiphanies, I taught it too, holding meditation groups and talks on these subjects. And then came the mind stuff. I did Pranic Healing courses which have help me ground myself, and still do the Twin Hearts meditation which increases and strengthens the spiritual cord. It’s awesome.  And I went on a mind power course, and then because I resonated so much with it, taught that to children and teenagers. And as the years progressed and I found myself studying more and more, I realized that one could not just change habits, without consistency and repetition.” 

“So I started coaching the principles. And that led to your MKE course and that changed my life. It’s the Chinese bamboo tree principle. As long as you keep watering the seed, eventually it will grow to 90 feet tall, after not even showing a sign of growth in the first 5 years.”

“I manifested all of this through the power of my mind. I took charge of my subconscious mind with the teachings of the Master Key System, which I did with 100% effort. Consistent practice ensured my perfect performance. I still read my index cards out loud every day with enthusiasm which contain my mantras, and I express my gratitude to the Universe with deep heartfelt emotion. In being emotive and reading out loud, my subconscious mind has no defense to my old sick blueprint.”

“My new blueprint has helped me manifest my desires of being financially free. That’s my liberty PPN. It is incredible knowing my daughter is financially set for life, because I have invested money for her. And I love knowing that I can travel when I want to, work when I want to, and I get to help others. It’s just so cool!”

“Where to from here, Mark?” I asked.

“Well, I’m enjoying life, I have my health, and financially set for life, I get to see my daughter often, and my mom! As much as she hates traveling at her age, she comes to visit often, and then every December, I go to Johannesburg to visit her for a month, because this little town is inundated with holiday makers, and Johannesburg is quiet with little traffic. I visit my teams often as well, and still help them learn the skills and build the business. I get invited to do coaching workshops as well, but am building a platform so that I can coach from home via Webinars, just like you do.  In 5 years time, I see myself completely retired, living off my incredible investments and traveling to wherever I feel to go to.”

“If it hadn’t been for you and the MKE and the MKMMA, I would not have come this far. Like you said, for those that do the work 100%, it will work for them 100%.and here we are.”

“And again I need to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and Davene for the incredible work you do, teaching skills in business and how to master the mind for personal development. It’s been a wonderful journey. And I love giving back, in terms of the ‘give more, get more’ principle.”

I stood up, and embraced Mark C. “It’s been wonderful talking to you, we really happy for your success, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful coast. What are you cooking us for breakfast?” 

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