Master Key Experience – Week 10


My world within is definitely changing.

In my cheffing days, I once hired a chef for a few months, who told the staff when they came with excuses, justifications or defenses of their errant behaviours –

“I don’t need your stories, if I want stories, I’ll watch the news!” 😂

It may be rude, I love it and still use it often. I make no apologies for acknowledging that I have ‘bull in a china shop’ tendencies.

Bull in a china shop painting by Thomas Marsh – Saatchi Art

Even in my coaching practice, I don’t partake of the drama. What’s the bottom line? And how can we solve it? I’m not a psychologist, and therefore the story, well, is just another story.

And we all have a story. All my concern is – let’s find solutions to solve challenges.

So, I am aware that I am intolerant of the drama. Cut to the chase and tell me your story succinctly. And for heaven sake, please no repetition, unless I ask for it. 😂

I am catching myself now when I repeat elements of a story. And know why I am doing it.

Being intolerant of other people’s drama, is essentially my mirror, I’m intolerant of my own drama!

There was a time when I would listen to detailed story regaling, or perhaps pretend to listen, however since I have been on the MKE course, my tolerance levels for drama are even more diminished. I believe the plethora of attempts at securing continued positivity on the mental diet have helped create that.

At the same time however, it’s maybe not conducive to making friends and influencing people.

Simply put, I don’t require anyone’s approval any longer. If you like me good, and if you don’t like me, that’s also good. I like me, a lot! In fact, I love me!

Boy, have I come a long way! I realize the amount of approval I once needed was actually shameful. I’m finding my need for significance differently now.

Things are happening…

The course work has created new peptides, new neural pathways in my brain, which I have a new attachment to. I am getting things done now, more than ever.

The “I do it now,” consistent repetitive statement is phenomenal. Combined with the written service cards, I have discovered aptly that my procrastination levels have dropped.

As Art Williams imparts, “Just do it, and do it, and do it, until the job gets done.”

I smile when I primarily see a red circle 🔴 or a green triangle ⚠️ – it’s green if you look differently 🤣 – because that’s new linking to my chief aims.

I’m finding too, that when I’m daydreaming I’m seeing my chief aims playing out. I’m clearer in my visualizations than before. And this is not even in my sit time. So I get doubly rewarded.

With the shapes on my home walls, I’m not noticing them specifically, but know how they are affecting these new neural brain pathways. In the past, I never looked at, nor truly felt my movie poster, now I’m feeling it as I look at it during my daily reads. combined with my press release reading, well, awesomely it’s the new creation of my inner world.

My smart goals, are helping me create new habits. And the wording on the index cards, “I always keep my promises,” is defiantly making inroads into my subconscious mind. I’m using that even when responding to emails.

The combination of the mental diet and the consistent repetition of the scrolls reading, has definitely shifted old behaviours for me. Awareness has become my key for further change.

The give more, get more, is playing out in strange ways. I made my PIF – Pay it Forward – early this month. And then today, an automatic PIF was taken from my account. So I have in effect paid twice. In the old days, I would have written an indignant response, blah, blah… except this time, I’m seeing this as very clear and obvious – the Universe wanted me to give more this month. And you know of course what that means!

I’m smiling!

But you know this too, my fellow MKMMA’ers, you are experiencing the same or similar responses to the amazing work we are doing.

The combinations of all this mind work are having extraordinary effects now, and all I can I imagine are the infinite unlimited possibilities which are now becoming the hugest factor of my future self. Exciting yes?

I can be what I will myself to be. Absolutely yes!

My life is filled with infinite unlimited possibilities, and;

I am healthy, strong, powerful, loving, abundantly successful and living a happy harmonious life.

My world within has changed.

In gratitude, respect and in love!

Thank you


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

19 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 10”

  1. Yes I agree! Awesome read! You make me want to be a better MKEer – if there is such a thing. I had noticed a few changes in myself too – I love love love yours about approval. Thanks for being such an awesome reminder of just how many things we have at our finger tips to live a better life with 🙂

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  2. Great post Mark! The magic of MKE is working because you obviously decided to make it work for you! Your image of you becoming a “Bull in a Chinese shop” in front of excuses (whether coming from yourself or someone else) made me laugh because I can so much relate with this metaphor, except for one point: in front of excuses (mine or someone else’s) I don’t become like a bull, but like an iceberg…This is due to our different secondary colors, yours being Red, and mine being White…Funny that even the colors are fitting the metaphor, isn’t it? By the way, I just heard that the word “excuse” comes from the Latin “ex causa”, meaning “a cause outside.” Thank you for this inspiring post!

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    1. Thank you Luc for that, white is my 3rd colour. 😀 indeed ex causa… and it’s a habitual reaction to either being told what to do, or the habit of having to tell a story because of inaction. Thank you for all you do as my mentor and guide! Blessings to you!

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  3. This is soooo good!!! This is the second reference in a few hours to a “bull in a china shop” so I know I have to sit up and take notice!! LOL…gotta love it!! I am very similar. Just land the dang plane already! As the Observer it is so easy to see other’s excuses and dramas so I tend to want to make sure that I am understanding my blocks, limitation and excuses! Love your R2A2 in this blog post. Great job!

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  4. Great post Mark, this resonates with me as well, especially with my friends drama or family. Not a fan of drama like you I keep my own drama to myself, im good at sharing but my drama is mine lol. Before this class I use to say not my monkeys not my circus. I’m a get to the point kind of gal myself. I quess I need to work on that. Thanks for the reminder. Give more love get more love.

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