Master Key Experience – Week 22a

Sometimes life is just a challenge, even though that’s a ‘woe is me’ excuse, but then I am human after all…

I cannot promise you that you will be inspired to change your life after reading this, but it will tell you that despite the years of doing my best to be positive, spending an intense 5 months on the Master Key principles, I have reached a point in life where right now, nothing matters.

So it seems…

I look at my daily reads, my flash cards, my gratitude cards, MKE teachings, and all I do daily, and I am disinterested. I am not motivated at all to do anything that helps me further my purpose.

Is that shameful or just human?

Everything is a struggle. I am so exceptionally fatigued, basic life is an effort. I’m only existing right now and doing what I have to do. Nothing else.

My mentor says it’s the result of the strong anti-biotic and forced recovery I had to take after my recent operation. It was a rough week with only being able to use one arm and hand. I should be grateful that I had everything else to use. But I cannot even find the gratitude.

Blogging normally comes easily to me, even the topics, but I this week I couldn’t find anything positive or nice to say. My one sister says I should see someone. I am such a curmudgeon at the moment, even that someone would recoil and bolt for the nearest hole, much like a frightened rabbit. They may even cry. Trust me I know, I know how to manipulate people’s minds for fun and profit…

So it’s best I remain silent to myself, and try to work this malaise out for myself.

Does this mean that I have no new mindset blueprint in place? No new habits? No new neural peptides? Would a lobotomy help? Or even a few brisk head slaps? Said very tongue in cheek.

What is it? As my brother in law is prone to say.

I have asked the Universe to assist or to kindly give some answers this week, but nothing is coming. Yet.

I know, I know, remember, don’t waste your breath, you are preaching to the converted.

The good thing is I am out of that horrible arm bandage with the splint. That was a nightmare. I still have some pain now and again, but at least I can shower properly. Look at that, I say superciliously and sarcastically, I have 2 things to be grateful for.

I’m trying to do some work on the upcoming online course I am creating, and even that is not inspiring me.

Trying is lying…

If I have down days I normally allow it. But this is a down week. And then some. Should I allow more? Is it a valid excuse to hide behind the operation and recovery?

Is any excuse valid?

So, I will allow a little more ‘woe is me’ down time, and reset myself like a wind up toy so that I can return to my daily promises and continue onward towards the purpose of my life.

Sometimes life is just that… a challenge…

I’m not someone who won’t get up again, so watch this space.

I am sure that I am human after all…

In gratitude, respect and love


Master Key Experience – Week 22

You can think you have life mastered in some respects, and then the Universe creates some balance.

I suppose I am human after all. And that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

It’s been a rough week, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Whatever could go wrong did go wrong…

The Master Key System fell away.

Completely. Or actually maybe not. Does it ever?

I’m not writing this for any sympathy, or personal significance. In fact I would prefer none. This is to show that it’s actually okay to have down days. Or a down week. Why, because we are resilient enough to always bounce back.


Emerson’s law of Compensation.

It started with an “eff the world, I’m off to wonderland,” attitude and ended with extreme physical pain after an operation I had today, Friday. And then me blogging.

I never blog this late in the week.

Well, from here on in, it can only get better. You see, my body was toxic. Infection had set into an elbow bursitis challenge I have had for nearly 2 months. And that affected my brain. My thinking. My body.

Infection can do funny things.

And right now, I cannot sleep with the pain and the wire drain from the wound cut, and the rigid arm splint. So I gave it some thought, and here I am blogging. It’s almost 2 am. And my mind is wide awake to the Master Key principles once again. Typing with one hand.

So from Wonderland, I write from a place of pain, but with a clear and focused mind.

3 lessons…

Lesson 1: Don’t take your body for granted. You only realize what you body is when you can’t use parts of it.

I can still be what I will myself to be. This is all part of the inner cleansing my body needs to experience. True health is finding balance for me. Albeit in ways that I would never have imagined.

My silent sit may still happen this weekend. Even if just for a few hours. I experienced it some already while I was in recovery after the operation. It’s just you lying there with your thoughts. So I put the thoughts to good use and focused only on my breath. I dismissed thoughts and went back to focusing on my breath. In my nose, out my nose. Holding the breath in between counts.

Inhale for 6 counts, hold for 3 counts, exhale for 6 counts, hold for 3 counts and repeat. I learnt this style of breathing when I did my Pranic Healing – Soul Realization course. Except we block one nostril and swop nostrils on each count to create balance in the body. I couldn’t do it with one hand today.

Balance. There’s that word again.

Lesson 2: There is always a reason for something. I’m asking what I need to learn from this.

Lesson 3: Know the laws of the mind and how to apply them. If I didn’t know the laws I would not be writing this blog. I used them to overcome myself.

And gratitude. We know that changes everything.

From one extreme the the other.


I met an incredible young dude in hospital. We shared a ward together. I got to help him with his law of growth thinking. And the ‘give more, get more’ concept. Emerson again!

I got his number. A new friend. Perhaps a business associate. Perhaps I just get to help him some.

We connected for a reason.


In gratitude, respect and love


Master Key Experience – Week 21 – Addendum

What is this ancient miracle healing method that most people don’t know about?

Ho’oponopono. Translated from the Hawaiian- it means ‘to make doubly right.’

Imagine saying a few words, a few times a day, and behind the scenes, miraculous healing takes place. Does it work 100% of the time? We can’t really know that, because healing at the time requested may not be for our or another persons highest good.

This is my opinion – sometimes in the soul journey, we can’t change what’s already ordained for us. But if we don’t at least try, we definitely won’t know, will we?

Does it work? Well I’ve read stories of it working. I’ve spoken to people who say it works. Dr Joe Vitale swears by it, teaches it and has written books about it. And I have applied it a few times in my life. So it works. It’s miraculous because one cannot explain why or how. It just works.

In 2005, 14 years ago, I came across it in a blog and was mesmerized by the story of this Hawaiian psychologist who had healed an entire ward of criminally insane people. He did no therapy with them. He had no contact with them personally other than saying a few words to their patient files every day. Dr Vitale wrote a book about this inimitable Dr Hew Len and his exceptional methods, called Zero Limits.

I sense your skepticism already, so let me share a story with you of how it worked for me.

When mobile internet data first came out in South Africa, I purchased it. I cannot remember what the contract cost, but I think it was for a megabyte of data. And I went wild. $1500- US, was the bill for the first month I received. I wasn’t earning much more than that monthly at the time. So my phone was cut off, my contracts cancelled with the cellphone provider (CPP), and I had to start paying the money back. I paid for a month or 3, and then came across the Ho’oponopono story.

Suddenly after reciting the mantra with the cell provider in mind, it came to me that I had never been advised of the fact that the data wasn’t capped. So with my legal studies experience, I read the contract. Nothing. I wrote to the CPP and advised them of this. They ignored me and told me I had to pay or they would issue summons. I was in total fear because of the debt created.

I kept on with the mantra. I then received a written demand from the CPP that I owed them around $8000- more for the unused portion of the contract. The thought then entered my mind to contact the ombudsman for CPP companies. Which I did.

I kept reciting the mantras.

The ombudsman wrote back to me and told me that I did not have to pay any more money to the CPP and that I was free and clear.

I kept reciting the mantras and expressing gratitude at the same time.

So that’s how it worked for me.

“It helps clean the unconscious which is where the block resides. It helps dissolve the hidden programs that keep you from attaining your desires, whether health, wealth, happiness or anything else. It all happens inside of you.” Dr Joe Vitale

So, I hear you say, what are these mantra words you recited?

I’m sorry

I love you

I thank you

Please forgive me

You can say them in any format you wish.

The principle is simple.

I am the I

This is the miracle!

I am not going to go into detail of how it works and what is required to help it work, suffice to say that when you accept the responsibility of the challenge being in your life, you want to erase the memory of it in your subconscious mind. And the mantra helps erase it, back to the point of zero.

Dr Hew Len healed an entire ward of criminally insane patients with it. Dr Joe Vitale created his life with it. I cleared a massive debt with it.

Read the book, it’s a life changer. Say the mantra, it a life changer. Find the love within you, it’s a life changer.

I love you!

With gratitude, respect and love


Master Key Experience – Week 21

Do you have to have faith when it comes to believing in miracles?

I was chatting to Ruth, a special friends’ 24 year old daughter. Clever and wonderful chick this.

About miracles. And how she cannot see how this is related to anything other than perhaps an unexplained occurrence. A coincidence of a sort. She cannot see miracles, has never experienced one, and of course doesn’t believe in them.

And then there is me, who knows, because I absolutely know that I know, that miracles occur. Without doubt. They just do.

Is it because I have faith in them? Or a subconscious mindset of their existence.

And this was on Sunday before our MKE webinar, which dealt with? Yes, you guessed right, miracles!

This is not an indictment on Ruth, but rather a comparison of our different belief systems. And of course she is fully entitled to her belief system.

In Scroll IV of Og Mandino’s book, we reaffirm for 30 days, 3 times a day that we are nature’s greatest miracle. Unique, special and that there is no one else like us. I know that!

And then,

I love Einstein’s quote – “There are only 2 ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

So even if I didn’t know then, which I did, Og’s reading and affirmations confirmed the concept of miracles.

The question obviously is, who helped ingrain into Ruth’s subconscious mind that miracles don’t exist? Because we know that our subconscious minds make all of our decisions. And hers has made the decision that miracles don’t exist. And then there is my mind that irrefutably knows and accepts that miracles do exist, because I have experienced them. And many, not just a few. The fact that I am alive is a miracle in itself.

Isn’t it a miracle to wake up after sleep? Or to know that our subconscious mind keeps us breathing and our hearts pumping?

So I know my choice to believe in miracles comes from my subconscious mind. I don’t think or remember that my parents taught me that. But somewhere I resonated with miracles, it may have been when I was learning about the functions of angels, archangels and ascended masters and their roles in our lives.

And now I practice the art and act of recognition in terms of them. Everything in our lives is in perfect harmony. Even when we are facing challenges. They exist for a reason. Even though it’s a pain in the proverbial butt!

I expect miracles. In fact I demand them of the Universe for my life. And for the lives of others. It’s the law of command. We command the Universe to assist us through prayer. And when our commands are met, is that just a coincidence? I doubt that because I see the miracle.

Dr Joe Vitale, the Ho’oponopono man, wrote a book called – The Miracle. If you know Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian miracle healing method, its principles are essentially miracles at play. It’s the best book I have read in terms of co-creating miracles with the Universe.

Reminder to self – do yourself a favor and read it again, and re-apply the principles.

The only limits we have in our lives are the ones we place on ourselves. And everything in life is a projection from within us.

I know miracles exist, I can share lots of personal stories. And I’m glad that I believe in them. But then I understand consciousness and Universal principles.

What about Ruth? Will she have to see it to believe it? Or is it just the limitations she has created in her subconscious mind?

And how many more Ruth’s are there who reject the miracle notion?

Knowing miracles is indeed a part of consciousness.

I choose to live my life expecting miracles, being a miracle magnet, being grateful for miracles, manifesting them for myself and others, knowing that everything I get to experience is a miracle.

And then guess what?

I experience even more miracles.

“To be transformed, the whole basis of your thoughts must change. But your thoughts cannot change unless you have new ideas, for you think from your ideas.”

~ Neville Goddard.

In gratitude, respect and love


Master Key Experience – Week 20

A Flehmen Grimace, a Franklin Makeover, the Pyramid of Success and how the Master Key Course is not for sissies.

One of the best books I ever read was by the virtuous coach – John Wooden – on leadership.

It was a must read for my network marketing business. Because I am a bibliophile, for me at the time, it was just another book.

But it isn’t.

It’s one of the best books I have ever read! John Wooden was one of the best coaches ever and his principles created immense success for his team.

When he started coaching his basketball team, he first taught them how to wear their socks. What? I hear you say, What’s socks got to do with playing basketball? Well, apparently everything.

Think about it…

It all comes down to the old adage – How you do anything is how you do everything.

This Master Key course is all about us creating new mind habits. New neural pathways. Being the perpetual observer of our thoughts. Learning all the how to’s, with links, shapes and combinations. And there are many. It’s hard work to rewire the brain. But it’s fun. Any challenge can be fun if you allow it to be.

This course is not for sissies.

One can see how cleverly Mark and Davene have wound Haanel’s teachings in combination with Wooden’s, Mandino’s teachings et al. Extreme brilliance!

And then we get the Flehmen grimace. Wild cats like lions, leopards and the like display it when they bare their teeth in a grimace after smelling trees and bushes for the scent of other cats. It sends information to an organ called the Jacobson’s organ, which can decipher important information like gender, or hormone condition.

Whilst we are not doing that per se, I saw the similarity with us humans especially in the ways we are retraining our brains. We create links in our minds to follow new habits. All of that we do either creates pleasure or pain in our minds. And this week we are invoking our ‘Flehmen Grimace’ to see how we process the emotions of fear, guilt, unworthiness, anger and hurt feelings. And how when recognized being the observer, we can shift any of those elements from pain to pleasure.

Humans don’t have a Flehmen grimace, just to make that clear. I’m using it as a metaphor to show how we use our minds to recognize and assimilate senses and emotions. But you know that, right?

And then we look at what Mark and Davene termed the Franklin makeover. Observing certain of our virtues, looking for the defunct ones or those that we need to enhance and then enhancing its value in our lives. And we all know how wonderful the kindness one was, and still is.

All being the observer.

And then asking – what would the person I intend to become, do next? ‘Smell the coffee’, just like a wild cat would use its olfactory sense to know and understand things. Be more mindful of the things we are doing. Be mindful of our thoughts.

Become even more aware!

We learnt the key on how to become aware. How to focus on the principles to success.

It’s incredible. But it’s not for sissies.

Be mindful of how you put on your socks…

In gratitude, respect and love