The Natural Laws of Forgiveness and Gratitude

It’s an auspicious time for Jewish people. Tonight starts the Day of Atonement.

And I have been giving this much thought. I’m Jewish, but not religious by any means, in fact my personal belief is that we are doing this prayer thing wrong. 13 years ago I started a soul journey study of religion and spiritual teachings, why we are here, and why we do what we do.

My friends nag me to teach this, because I know so much, but I’ve felt inauthentic, because I am not applying it enough for myself, and my health has been challenged.

We ask for things in our prayers, instead of having a clear and concise vision of what we desire. That’s coming from a place of lack. And we are enforcing that lack by asking for more of what we don’t have. Instead of being grateful for what we do have. Even if it’s just the clothes on our backs, or a roof over our heads, or having a fridge. Things we generally take for granted. And then we wonder why our prayers answered.

So my version in prayer which I do in meditation, sitting silently for a period of time, and expressing deep gratitude and forgiveness, not sending plagues, Passover style, or crying over what I don’t have.

But in all honesty I don’t do it enough.

So an event happened yesterday which is absolutely miraculous. I’m not going to elucidate the details but thinking about it, it is a miracle. There is no other explanation.

And it brought me to what my lesson from this is.

Normally I would say thanks and move on. This reminder is that thanks once or twice is not enough.

Deep meaningful gratitude and absolute forgiveness.

I’m setting myself free from the angst I CREATED!

This is my forgiveness mantra:

I forgive myself

I forgive everyone

I am free

And I repeat this. Until my subconscious mind takes hold of it and helps me believe it.

And I’m telling myself now to repeat this daily. The law of forgiveness is one of the 7 laws of the mind. And I know repetition is the mother of all skill.

The more I repeat this, the more my life changes.

Writing this reminds me of my requirements. On being disciplined to repeat gratitude and forgiveness at every moment I can. Self discipline is hard. I can tell you and teach you a whole bunch of things about the mind, about life, about spirituality, what to do to change your life, but I don’t apply it to myself enough. Nor do most people. And that’s why we need leaders, gurus, teachers, psychologists, life coaches and accountability partners.

And people who help grant miracles.

I am deeply grateful a trillion billion million times over!

What you think about grows

“What you think about grows”.
That’s what I read, when I opened Mark Januszewski’s Standing Tall book. I had lent the book to a friend, and she returned it. I decided to open the book and get a quick teaching.

And that’s what I read. “What you think about grows”.

How pertinent.
In the past weeks, I have been trying to do a 7 day mental diet, applying the 7 laws of the mind. And not succeeding much. I keep restarting the diet from scratch. Life has its challenges, and I am allowing the challenges to challenge me. I’m not applying the laws effectively, especially the law of growth. I am allowing the challenges to overcome me.

And the only place they overcome me, is in my mind.
That’s it. Its not the challenges which are challenging, its my mind.
I have deleted expletives at this point, if you know me, my language is somewhat flowery. Its studded with what some may consider to be offensive language, which I believe is good for raising my energy vibration or breaking my state of emotion. It works for me. But in this space I will effect politeness and better linguistics.
Wallace Wattles said that there are no common people. That means that we are special. Like Mark J always says, we were made great, by great, to be great.
And the only thing holding us back from being great is our belief in ourselves. Our subconscious belief systems because our subconscious mind is responsible for all our decisions. And we know that repetition is the mother of all skill.
What we think about, we bring about.
I’m privileged to be starting a course which will address all these issues.
I am excited for the change I am effecting in my life.
Better decisions. A stronger mind blueprint. My purpose being filled with a burning desire.
What we think about grows!