Master Key Experience – From the Heart

Living in the heart

One of the best books I read when I started my spiritual soul searching journey was Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book – Living in the Heart. It was profound in so many ways and was combined with his meditations of how to access the inner heart.

I am raising this because the Master Key Experience ended essentially with the principles of applying love and harmony into one’s life and that it should be our deep intent and desire to live in that space. Well it didn’t end, it restarted itself.

Drunvalo discovered for himself the concept of the light body encompassing sacred geometries and within that, this held all the mysteries of the universe.

“…for truly I know who you are and I love you as the earth loves the sun. I believe in you…”

Before Babylon we apparently all spoke one language. This is not related to David Gray’s ‘Babylon’ song… 😆

And then we become separated and pitted ourselves against each other. Enemies. Competitors. And our common dream got lost.


We have always had a place in our heart that remembered the love we have for one another. It is there. It has always been there. No matter how much we may hate/despise/resent one another, this place in the heart is sacred. It’s always there.

And as such we should be working towards going back into this place deep in the heart. Applying the Law of Forgiveness brings us back to living in the heart.

Love and harmony.

“If you really want peace of spirit and want to return home, I invite you into the beauty of your own heart.”

Mark J left us with this superb teaching – that success will always depend on our giving of service. Drunvalo iterates the exact same thing.

“Once you have entered the ‘Light of the Great Darkness,’ your life will change – eventually you will remember who you really are ; eventually your life will become a life of service to humanity.”

And this journey all starts with the mind.

What an epiphanic moment!

“Everything is just light, the world is created from within the human soul… The human soul is far greater than anything science or the logical mind has ever considered. The outer world is created by the inner world that I somehow knew was in the human heart.”

We have within ourselves this love. It starts in our minds and hearts.

So therefore if we love something enough, we can consciously create with that love.

But here is the key. Creating from the mind with emotion. Once the thought comes into play one must engage the emotional body. We have to feel the emotion, because without this being engaged nothing will happen. And that is why all our repetitive work involved enthusiastic emoting.

The funny thing is, and I wrote about it in a previous blog relating to the Isaiah Effect, based on ancient scrolls from thousands of years ago, we are reminded that our requirement to make peace within is so essential.

The world within creates the world without.

I’m starting the Drunvalo meditations again. I’m going back into the heart. Deep into the heart.

With gratitude, respect and love.


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – From the Heart”

  1. Mark just reading your post, I do enjoy your post. You get right to the heart of it. When we got in to the forgiveness week. One of my partners had done me wrong it a couple of ways and by forgiving her i was more open to reconnecting our friendship, it feels good to be free of the old feelings. Ive have changed for the better she is still the same but that does not matter to me anymore. Peace and health Mark. Lets please stay in touch.


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