Master Key Experience – Week 24

“You can get out of life exactly what you wish, by first putting into life, that which you wish.”

This is the Charles Haanel part 24 lesson. I added commas for effect.

He will forgive me.

And it all depends on one’s habit of thought.

We are what we think. Wishing starts with a thought.

This Master Key Experience has shown us that. Change your thought habits and you change your life. And despite the plethora of power of mind and thought courses out there, nothing can stand in the way of the Master Key System, taught over a period of 6 months.

And thanks to Mark and Davene Januszewski and the incredible guides, the course was created for us to become new self directed thinkers. Masters of a new mind blueprint.

Change is a process, not a sudden event. We can’t decide to change a habit one day and expect it to last. Consistency means every day. Many times a day.

And how we pushed back in so many ways. Our old way of thinking coming back to challenge us.

It is us who has the power of the alchemist. “Gold in the mind may be transmuted to gold in the heart and in the hand,” says Haanel.

The subconscious mind makes all our decisions. It makes sense now doesn’t it?

It’s based on the natural laws of the universe. Law – that is what is important to understand.

Earl Shoaff – Jim Rohn’s mentor, describes it best.

If a man decides to jump off a high building, it doesn’t matter if he is a saint. When he hits the ground he will be a dead saint. The law of? Gravity, yes, you guessed right. You get this quicker than most. The same way if a man decides to switch on a light, the light will light up – the law of electricity.

Well that depends where you live of course. In South Africa at the moment we have so much forced load shedding, switching on the light will not always be successful. But you get the drift.

So best we learn how to use these laws properly.

Our lives are governed by laws. Spiritual Laws, natural laws, gravity laws, electricity laws, manifestation laws, and many others.

And of course the laws of the mind.

Mostly we govern our lives based on the laws of lack. We have created thoughts based on lack deeply intrenched into our subconscious minds.

My health issues are based therein. I created it through my thoughts and emotions.

My elbow challenge which resulted me in having surgery 3 weeks ago is described by Lise Bourbeau in her book, ‘Your body is telling you to love yourself,’ – resulted from me holding back anger, specifically the stifled urge to hit someone. This is my emotional block. Bitterness, anger and frustration have ruled my life.

Yes, my family and friends I can hear you laughing. Those that know me. Of course. It’s ok, I won’t hit you, I’m laughing too.

I internalized my anger and frustrations, I became inflexible. And as much as wanting to hit someone, I know that it won’t solve anything. So instead of dealing with my emotional issues, I internalized it. I fear being stuck and therefore created the inflexibility.

And then I wonder why my personal pivotal need for true health hasn’t come to fruition.

So how do I shift it, with all this knowledge? Am I not my own alchemist?

By opening my heart more. By being love. That’s who I am. Or should be. I know my heart is closed. I’ll work on that. But it’s a process. It won’t happen overnight. Just like the consistent repetitive reciting of Og Mandino’s scrolls, and all the other ‘things’ I do daily to create new brain peptides to enhance new habits.

Shifting the old habits, the old mind blueprint is definitely not for the faint hearted. It’s work. Daily.

It’s shifting one’s vibration. Breaking state.

How often?

All the #$&*%!$ time!

We are taught that to break state we need to be in motion, mentally, emotionally and physically. Reciting our reads with unbridled enthusiasm. Moving our bodies daily. Creating a new vibration!

Thoughts that are emotionalized, are magnetized.

Our outside world is always governed by our inner world. If our inner world is toxic, then the conditions that face us will be toxic too.

This is the world of the new self directed thinker.

Mastering our thoughts.

Loving ourselves.

Opening our hearts to helping others and creating kindnesses.

Knowing the laws of the universe

Consistently transmuting gold into our minds, hearts and hands.

Being authentic to ourselves first and then to and with others.

We can get what we want out of life, when we apply this.

Putting into life – love and truth.

It all starts with a thought…

In gratitude, respect and love.


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

10 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 24”

  1. Mark, I had to smile while reading your blog! You are so real and it is a beautiful trait. Congratulations on making it to graduation. Your work will continue but you are well on your way. Best of luck on a speedy healing.

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  2. It has been a pleasure to get you know you! What is the first Law of Success? *Service* How may we be of the most service? *Have an open mind; be interested in the race rather than the goal, in the pursuit rather than possession.* This has completely hit home for me! I read it every day and plan on putting this in a frame at my desk. We have to enjoy the journey in between the process; the dash. Not just the finish line. I love your blogs! Keep up the good work. Thank you for being real. You are an inspiration!! PEACE!!

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