Master Key Experience – Week 23

We have now come full circle in the Master Key Experience teachings. The Law of Least Effort comes at just the right time for me.

As you know, the past few weeks have been terribly challenging. Physical difficulties, which led to emotional and deep mental worries, an operation, which led to a feeling of helplessness and a couldn’t care less attitude.

All a vibrational state of mind really. Despite 5 months of intense new neural pathway creation.

And many people I spoke to seem to be experiencing the same thing on different levels.

Well, same, same, but different.

And then in this weeks webinar teaching, along popped in the Laws of Least Effort.

As the inimitable Mark J, Davene and Lori explained the teachings, I listened fervently, knowing that in order to shift my toxic mindset, this was actually my key to my own shift.

I pulled out books I had bought many years ago, Deepak Chopra’s – The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success and Diana Cooper’s – A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws, took out my note pad, my index cards and went to work. And of course in true Mark Cameron fashion, I went to see where the laws originated from. It carries more academic weight for me when I find that they are indeed ancient teachings. Not just something that someone discovered last week.

Don’t ask me why, it just does.

I am the ever petulant ‘but why’ child.

And I found that in the book of Maat, which is the legacy of Hermès Trismegistus, who lived thousands of years ago – I won’t go into his history – I would need more than a thousand pages, the law of least effort is specifically mentioned in Isis V – Ankh 23.

So I sat upright, focused and paid attention.

My state of emotional vibration shifted.

I felt better.

What is proverbially hilarious of course, is that we are in the Og Mandino, Scroll VI process – I am the master of my emotions. Just when I think it’s all mastered, the Universe in its infinite wisdom sends random tests to see if I am subconsciously convinced enough.

“Dear Universe. You are not Ricky Gervais! He is funny, you are not.”

When I started my journey of understanding the soul journey on this school called earth, many moons and summers ago, my intention was to shift my life into the 5th dimension. And to live there. And in the words of one of my teachers – Osho, I wanted to be known for this.

“If the man was a great lover and he loved, and loved unconditionally, and his life was a flame of love, a light of love, then death will close the chapter with a flame burning bright.”

I once aspired fully to that. And then life happened, and I forgot. And then I was reminded this week again.

The laws of least effort say that if you are struggling with yourself, you are struggling against the whole Universe. Well, no wonder I am so fatigued.

We are multi dimensional beings. Enlightenment only exists on higher levels of this vibrational frequency range. And the way to higher levels of consciousness is through love and light.

As Diana Cooper explains;

“The 1st dimension is the mineral kingdom, where new ideas are rooted. The 2nd is the plant world, which needs light to grow. Light contains spiritual information and knowledge.

The 3rd dimension is the animal kingdom. Very materialistic and negative people are also in this dimensional frequency…

Our planet is moving into the 4th dimension, where humans remember past lives and truth about who they are. The heart begins to open to unconditional love.”

Then she continues with this…

“In order to move into the frequency of the 5th dimension, people must have forgiven themselves and others. Fear and negativity will have been transmuted. Here is the understanding of Oneness.”

Bam! 💥

And this my dear friends is why the Master Key Experience teachings have helped me return full circle.

We cannot experience Oneness being in the 3rd dimension. We cannot manifest from lower levels of vibration. That’s why we have the ‘sit’ every day. The periods of silence. The Law of Forgiveness. The Law of Dual Thought. Et al.

Because it is said that it is in the silence that miracles occur.

“Today I am the master of my emotions. I recognize and identify the mystery of needs in all mankind, and in me. I control my mind and my personality. I master my moods with positive action which controls my destiny. I become the master of myself. I am great!”

Og Mandino

Full circle.

In gratitude, respect and love


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

14 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 23”

  1. Very inspiring. I love the ever curious child like self that needs to know why. There is part of me that is the same. This week has been a challenge for me as well. Cold/flu took over the house and I was busy tending the ill. I felt I had made it through when yesterday I went down. The house is healthy and now I am sick. I guess that as is should be, I was able to be the nurturer for my family and now they can repay me, lol. We will see. Have a blessed day.
    Love and light, Marda

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you. {Opinion:On} There is such a thing as too nice, but no such thing as too kind! And yes this will somewhat depend on definitions.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW, Mark!! This is truly inspiring and beautiful! I Thank you for being so real the last couple of weeks! I plan on checking out the couple of books you listed in your blog!! Keep on this beautiful path of discovery! PEACE!!

    Liked by 2 people

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