Master Key Experience – Week 20

A Flehmen Grimace, a Franklin Makeover, the Pyramid of Success and how the Master Key Course is not for sissies.

One of the best books I ever read was by the virtuous coach – John Wooden – on leadership.

It was a must read for my network marketing business. Because I am a bibliophile, for me at the time, it was just another book.

But it isn’t.

It’s one of the best books I have ever read! John Wooden was one of the best coaches ever and his principles created immense success for his team.

When he started coaching his basketball team, he first taught them how to wear their socks. What? I hear you say, What’s socks got to do with playing basketball? Well, apparently everything.

Think about it…

It all comes down to the old adage – How you do anything is how you do everything.

This Master Key course is all about us creating new mind habits. New neural pathways. Being the perpetual observer of our thoughts. Learning all the how to’s, with links, shapes and combinations. And there are many. It’s hard work to rewire the brain. But it’s fun. Any challenge can be fun if you allow it to be.

This course is not for sissies.

One can see how cleverly Mark and Davene have wound Haanel’s teachings in combination with Wooden’s, Mandino’s teachings et al. Extreme brilliance!

And then we get the Flehmen grimace. Wild cats like lions, leopards and the like display it when they bare their teeth in a grimace after smelling trees and bushes for the scent of other cats. It sends information to an organ called the Jacobson’s organ, which can decipher important information like gender, or hormone condition.

Whilst we are not doing that per se, I saw the similarity with us humans especially in the ways we are retraining our brains. We create links in our minds to follow new habits. All of that we do either creates pleasure or pain in our minds. And this week we are invoking our ‘Flehmen Grimace’ to see how we process the emotions of fear, guilt, unworthiness, anger and hurt feelings. And how when recognized being the observer, we can shift any of those elements from pain to pleasure.

Humans don’t have a Flehmen grimace, just to make that clear. I’m using it as a metaphor to show how we use our minds to recognize and assimilate senses and emotions. But you know that, right?

And then we look at what Mark and Davene termed the Franklin makeover. Observing certain of our virtues, looking for the defunct ones or those that we need to enhance and then enhancing its value in our lives. And we all know how wonderful the kindness one was, and still is.

All being the observer.

And then asking – what would the person I intend to become, do next? ‘Smell the coffee’, just like a wild cat would use its olfactory sense to know and understand things. Be more mindful of the things we are doing. Be mindful of our thoughts.

Become even more aware!

We learnt the key on how to become aware. How to focus on the principles to success.

It’s incredible. But it’s not for sissies.

Be mindful of how you put on your socks…

In gratitude, respect and love


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

14 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 20”

  1. I love the metaphor! Actually I’m used to saying since several years that most of us are walking with our socks inside out, until something or someone help us realizing it…Then we want to turn our socks right…and indeed we must not be sissies to wear our socks properly while walking among a crowd were most people have their socks inside out, because WE are then the ones who look weird! But nevermind, we are not here to play small and safe but to play “all in”, and you are doing that beautifully, you are inspiring! Thanks for this great post!

    Liked by 2 people

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