Master Key Experience – Week 18

In Pursuit of Happiness

This week it was evident that the core value or emotion we are chasing by doing this MKE course is to achieve ultimate happiness. The personal pivotal needs are part of it, but it’s not about achieving that first before we can be happy.

It’s about creating new habit forms, neural peptides in our brains which bring us happiness first. Creation through new habit forming events.

Is happiness elusive? Can we find it it any books, or in any material object?

Happiness is only a state of mind. Found within. Never without.

“It’s habit, not knowledge, that determines our actions.” – says Mark J.

What do we then need to do to be happy? What habits can we create that make us happy? Because we can’t action anything successfully from a place of unhappiness.

Do we need to have material things to be happy? Be loved by others? Recognized by others? Do those things create happiness? Maybe short term happiness only. It’s doesn’t derogate from the fact that all those elements are nice to have and experience.

Do we know what true happiness really looks like? Feels like?

It dawned on me this past week, that no matter what challenges I may be experiencing, through it all, I am happy. An amazing revelation. No matter how much chronic pain I experienced or disappointment in myself for not doing the doings at times, nor thinking for brief moments about lack issues in my life, I was happy. Deep within.

I’m not a new man with a new life for nothing.

Here’s the thing. When I started this course I was a miserable curmudgeon. Completely intolerant of other people’s dramas. Intolerant of myself.

In the teachings of the basic human needs of the personality the 2 needs of the spirit are growth and contribution. If you are not growing, you die, and if you are not giving, you will never be happy. And in order to receive, one needs to give. Give more, get more!

So the work we do is all about creating new habits. New habits that help create a new happiness. Isn’t happiness just a reflection of the subconscious mind? And unhappiness too, especially a reflection of the old blueprint?

Spending one’s day performing and seeking kindnesses, makes all the other elements of the Franklin makeover seem superfluous. Well thats in my experience anyway.

I earnestly look forward to the one where we look for the God/good in others.

Happiness is in our minds. In our subconscious minds. It’s there. All we need to do is continue creating new habits and without even knowing it, we become automatically happy.

I am nature’s greatest miracle. I am a new man with a new life. I greet each day with love in my heart. And of course I persist until I succeed. With gratitude to Og Mandino.

And that makes me feel happy.

In gratitude, respect and love


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

12 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 18”

  1. Simply beautiful Mark, as are all your musings. They all hit the nail on the head. Your distillations are all the things I have been experiencing as I rework my inner programming. I love reading from you. It inspires me ♥️

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  2. We Blues with Red secondaries tend to be confused in all our complexity. So do the people around us. This can make relationships difficult. While I tend to get out of bed in the morning happy. I’m still struggling with maintaining happiness from within through the day. It has always seemed like I need someone else to shine for. My 22 year marriage, even with occasional challenges (mostly related to the cancer that took her life) was an extremely happy time for me overall.

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  3. Love reading your posts. Your take on the lessons is fun and relatable. Happiness is an inside job. I have moments and occasionally entire days of deep, true unabridged happiness. I feel the shifting. As Marcel says I have struggled a bit with maintaining happiness, especially the last 2 days. I’m calling it the weather and moving on!

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