Master Key Experience – Week 17 HJ

What does it take to be the Hero in ones life?

Joseph Campbell, the creator of the concept of the Hero’s Journey

Courage, perseverance, persistence, authenticity, gratitude, a willingness to answer the call to adventure, stepping into the unknown, trials, tribulations, experiencing the abyss, self confidence, loving oneself and allowing others to help and guide one from the unknown back to the known. Transformation!

To be a hero in one’s own life involves answering a call to action. A call to start an adventure. And it can be scary to make that choice. Do I step into the unknown, or do I stay where I am?

Every movie and book depicts the hero’s journey. That’s why we love to escape into them. Because we resonate with the hero. Desiring that for ourselves. We experience feel good moments in that hero’s life.

We all seek to be our own hero.

We get stuck on the journey because of our limited belief systems and our skewed perceptions. We believe what we think, is right. Really? Is it? Or are there other possibilities?

I’ll share one of my limited beliefs. I don’t believe doctors can heal disease. I know science backs me on that. My perception is also that doctors are held hostage by big pharma. And of course there is evidence to that too. So then, my mind says, I don’t like doctors. They don’t understand nutrition and what real medicine is. But, having said that, I would hate the local plumber or algorithm analyst to be attending to me if I had to land up in any emergency room.

So doctors aren’t all that bad then, yes?

I almost didn’t step into network marketing because of my limited perceptions. I’m grateful I made that call to action. It wasn’t easy, but I drew a line in the sand and stepped over it.

It provides me with a steady passive income. Imagine if I had stayed in my 14 hour a day mundane chefs job? Earning a pittance. Going nowhere. I stepped into the unknown when I made that decision to hang up my chefs jacket. It was scary. But 6 years later, I’m glad I did. I am becoming the hero in my own life.

No! I am indeed the hero in my own life!

Life is filled with unlimited possibilities.

And then I read the blogs of a fellow MKE member. I won’t mention his name in case he desires some privacy. But this man is a true hero. And the hero in him inspires the hero in me.

All my challenges seem superfluous and inane compared to what this man has experienced.

He lost his home to an earthquake.

Insurance are not covering it. Typically of course.

He is living in his car.

It’s snowing here he is.

He has an accident and is injured.

Car is written off.

He is still living in his car.

Someone breaks into his car and steals his computer and other things.

He is still living in his car with the broken window.

He gets some money and buys a computer so he can continue with this course.

He blogs from his phone.

Living in his car.

The courage that this man exhibits is nothing less than being a super hero. I cannot imagine what it must be like to experience what he has experienced and is experiencing. Living in one’s car with a broken window! In the snow! Freezing cold!

I dare to ever complain again!

A true hero. A super hero. An uber super hero.

My wish for him is that his chief aims in life manifest quickly, that he can quickly recover his life. That the courage and determination he exhibits brings him many kindnesses. And that the world is kinder to him than ever before.

“Despite thoughts of failure, depression, hopelessness and being alone, I struggled forward anyway.” He says.

My hero.

In gratitude, respect and love


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

21 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 17 HJ”

  1. Thank you so much for the support, and no I don’t mind being identified, assuming you aren’t speaking of someone else. I think it is important to be real. Fortunately I am in Portland right now, so it is above freezing rain not snow. The window is now repaired, and I was able to order a replacement computer today, and should have it by early next week. You are my hero and inspiration as well. I only wish I could write as well as you do.

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    1. Marcel yes the story was related to you. It had such an effect on me that all I could do was be grateful for what I do have. And where I live. And see the hero in you!
      I am pleased that the window is repaired and that a new computer is coming to you. May many more good and wonderful things come your way.
      That you made yourself so vulnerable is exceptional. Shows authenticity and integrity. Blessings to you brother! You are a legend.

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    2. Marcel, thank you for being vulnerable. I am humbled and inspired by you. I cannot complain about doing the work when my only distractions are created by me, falling back into my old blueprint. I can only imagine the struggles that you have gone through, and you persevere. There is a fine pay off heading your way and it is greater than you can imagine! Keep persevering, and I will keep cheering you on! Love and light, Marda

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  2. Mark, thank you so much for sharing. Perspective is the ultimate humbler. It is so often that we compare ourselves to others and see the shortcomings. It is when we look around, listen to others and see that we all have dark places, pain and loneliness that we are in or have been through that we humble ourselves and feel gratitude for where we are… which is exactly where we must begin in order to get to where we want… IN the feeling of gratitude. Love and light, Marda

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    1. Marda, Thank you. Let us all persevere and create that rising tide Mark and his team speak of. Continuing to comment, reblog and “like” each other’s efforts. I do so love his vision. May we all thrive because of it, and all those we bring it to as well.

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  3. That man is indeed a true hero, and knowing that the size of the things he can achieve is equal to the size of the challenges he has to overcome, I can’t wait to see the great things he is going to accomplish in the coming months and years!

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  4. You always have such clear perspective. It is one of the many gifts of this program, that we can see through the lens of others and it’s multiplied through our own lens like a ricochet for our own self-growth. Thanks for sharing this Hero with us. Humbled, as always

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  5. Thank you Mark for sharing your eloquently written blog and for your compassion, love, & kindness while sharing the hero’s journey of Marcel.
    Hugs&Harmony, Naz xo🙏

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  6. Marcel I am humbled and honored to be in this course with you sir, my true hero. May God bless you and bring you abundant blessings. Hugs&Harmony xo🙏☝️❤️🤙🗝👩‍🚒🚒👑

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