Master Key Experience – Week 17

The guy or gal in the mirror. A profound self esteem evaluation.

Virtually everyone in this world has issues related to self esteem. Even those people who say they don’t. I’ve encountered them in my coaching practice. All I need to do is view their Facebook profile, or anything else on social media. And I see.

There is a difference between a self awareness mind and an ego inflicted mind.

We all desire to be noticed.

We all desire to feel significant.

And how we go about seeking that, reflects much of our life.

One of the 4 basic needs of the personality is significance. And all of these needs either provide us pleasure or pain.

We seek it in the same way we seek love. Or food. Or money. The pleasure part that is. We do our best to avoid the pain. But it comes anyway.

I seek significance too, just like you, the whole world and his brother or sister!

There are 3 basic ways I personally seek significance.

1. From myself.

2. From the likes and comments I get on my social media posts.

3. Most especially from feeling rewarded knowing I am helping others in my network marketing business and in my coaching business. Your success is my success.

In 1997, 21 years ago, I started a support group of people all experiencing divorce or a broken relationship. Predominantly women. Men have it all sorted…. well they mistakenly think so anyway.

The group purpose was to teach the cycle of grief we all experience when we experience relationship loss. To support each other and to grow our self awareness and self esteem.

I was suddenly thrust into this arena that I knew not much about, except the deep physiological pain of a divorce.

I researched and studied fervently. The internet was still being birthed. So I spent time in book shops and libraries researching how we get through painful experiences. I made copious notes. And it all resonated.

And along arrived a few abused women into the group. And my research revealed only one way of rebuilding self esteem.

Self love.

By looking into the mirror and saying – “I love you Mark Cameron!”

It was the hardest thing I had ever done. Harder than all the training I did for the 160km Iron Man triathlon I had completed. And that was tough. Training 2 disciplines a day. Every day!

I struggled to look myself into my eyes.

I couldn’t say the words.

But one day, I could. And every day after that, it become easier. So I knew that if it worked for me, it could work for others.

We are all the same. Well, same same but different.

So I taught it.

And I had many people tell me that they experienced fantastic results in terms of their self esteem. Especially some of the abused women. They were more confident than ever!

And then along came the Master Key Experience course.

And one of the first tasks we are given to do is paste the ode of the Guy/Gal in the mirror to our bathroom mirror to read every day.

💥Bam💥. A gargantuan ‘bam’ moment.

You are welcome to copy it and print it for your own use too. It’s an exercise in self love.

So then the best way to build self esteem and self confidence is to start loving yourself in the mirror.

It will be tough, but it’s worth it. You easily invest in material things, why not yourself?

I teach that saying it for 60-90 days – telling yourself how much you love yourself – in the mirror, will create your new self confidence. And we look into the mirror a few times a day. Every day!

If you do the exercise consistently and repetitively, your vision of your version of yourself will change. I know. It worked for me. I cared much for what other people thought of me. Now I don’t. I love who I am with all my faults and idiosyncrasies. I love who I have become. I love me.

I became the guy in the mirror.

I love you Mark Cameron. Truly I do.

I still look in the mirror. Why don’t you too?

In gratitude respect and love


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

8 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 17”

  1. wow, Mark, what a great entry. I did not know you where a coach in marriages. I am having a realy stormy relatinship at the time. I would love to speak with you one day and Mastermind since there are not many people who understand abourt DMP, PPNs.. jaja,, Hope to get to know you soon.

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  2. Yes, the Gal/Guy in the Glass is a powerful exercise! And once we succeed in saying “I love you” looking in our own eyes, we can also start to use the exercise for holding ourself accountable for any significant purpose…Thank you for sharing your experience, great post!

    Liked by 2 people

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