Master Key Experience – Week 13 – Addendum

Gratitude and Respect to the Power of the Master Key Experience team

In my sit today, it came to me how powerful Mark J, Davene, Lori, GG, Dayna, Derek and our guides are in our lives.

And so this post is about deep, deep, deep gratitude to them. Did I happen to mention, ‘deep?’

They desire our success more than we do. 💥BAM! 💥

Every week they pitch up for our teaching webinars, and Mark and the team impart the teachings with exceptional energy and enthusiasm. That’s dedication. That’s loyalty to us. Kindness, love and deep care! And that brings out my immense respect for them.

I’ve done many different courses. And this course stands out more than all the others, because it’s as if they are teaching each of us, one on one. That nothing else exists other than our success. That this course is the first and last course.

As a former executive chef and restaurateur, I’m reminded of this adage – you are only as good as your last meal. And then I see how they apply the same principle in how they go out of their way for us. Tireless. Enthusiastic. Unbridled.

Mark’s power of enthooooooosism is extraordinary! His desire to see our success is unparalleled. Really it is! Whatever he reminds us to do, is not for his good, it’s for ours. And if we don’t do the work, it’s on us obviously, but he experiences the pain.

So in my book, I don’t see a bully pulpit. I see love. I see the Law of Compensation at play. All they do is give and give and give more. I’ll repeat that – all they do is give, and give and give more!

So to you, Mark, Davene, Lori, GG, Dayna, Derek and my guide Luc, I say thank you! I insist on change for myself, and I thank you for masterminding my success with me.

And to my mastermind partners, I am blessed and honoured for your inputs into my journey! I thank you!

I cannot express in words how grateful I am, my results will speak for themselves.

I wish the team blessings of prosperity and abundance, great health, and happiness and everything they wish for themselves in terms of their burning desires.

And I wish the same to all of you, my fellow journeymen and women who I am honoured and blessed to be on this journey with.

In gratitude, respect and love.

🙏 Atma Namaste🙏

Seasons blessings


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

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