Master Key Experience – Week 9

9 weeks so far to creating a new mindset.

Some days I win, and some I don’t. At least I’m consistent in that. Balance. 😊

I’m not focused on the days I don’t any more. Pfffttt!

Exactly! 🤣

But here’s the thing. I have never been more aware of my thoughts as I am today. I’m continuously catching myself self correcting – the law of substitution – when I go down the dark, lonely and miserable road. It’s such an easy road to go down. It’s our misguided comfort zone. Our old blueprint. But it leads to nowhere and only more misery. And we all know how misery loves company, yes? I don’t care if I have another 753 restarts of the mental diet. Why? Because I am so aware!

The 7 laws of the mind sit in front of me at my desk, to look up to and make them a part of my daily understanding and practice. The law of growth is paramount to this new habitual mindset. I grow my mind beautifully! Perfectly!

Consistent reminders.

My shortcomings are much related to the law of dual thought – thinking and emoting enthusiastically. I am aware! It’s a long story. Too ‘woe is me’ for me to bother about. And that’s the key for me – an awesome powerful new focused awareness.

Everything we are doing helps towards creating the new blueprint.

Health, wealth, love!

New habits. New brain peptides. Consistency and repetitiveness.

The powerful reads, imbued with spirituous and vibrant emotiveness, a chief aim statement, blueprint builder, working plan of action, the scrolls, affirmations, heartfelt gratitude, meaningful forgiveness, 7 laws of the mind, the silent sits, compass reminders of our true north, shapes and colours, linking, press release, movie poster, metal diet, Law of Compensation, MKE reading, recording the reads and listening. Webinars. Masterminding with our tribes and in the alliance section.

Blogging, reading other amazing blogs, commenting, liking and sharing. Tweeting. Giving more to getting more. Being aware of the hypnagogic state and the power it renders. Service to ourselves and others. Promises made, signed and sealed. Always kept. The subconscious mind with a new program. Paying it forward. And of course the delicious cardinal sacred hour.

Completely compelling. Intoxicating. Mesmerizing. Mindfully aware.

“By constant repetition it becomes a part of ourselves.” The Master Key.

The world within creates the world without. That’s not rocket science anymore.

9 weeks of this new blueprint creation so far, some days we win and some we don’t. We celebrate the days we win. Hard! We reward ourselves for the positive efforts. Hard! Each positive effort deserves reward. Hard!

And forget the days we don’t. And we don’t bother with what we haven’t done. Some Italian Polish dude consistently reminds us – “forgettaboutit!” We have lots of weeks still in hand. In fact we have the whole of the rest of our lives in hand. The law of duality. Balance.

We are a new mindset of perfect balanced awareness!

We know we won’t fall back into the old blueprint. We know too much already. We cannot undo this knowledge. It’s akin to someone sending you an impolite profane smutty photo. You can’t unsee it!

No wonder we are told that for those who put in the effort 100%, it will work for them 100%, 100% of the time. It is indeed the success system that never fails.

Light always destroys darkness. Love always destroys fear. Positive replaces negative.

The subconscious mind makes all our decisions. Which decisions? All of them!

I have loved every minute of this 9 week process. I don’t care about any hardships or challenges. I’m rewarding my wins. Hard!

All health, all wealth, all love!

With deep gratitude, immense respect and with all of my love.


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

16 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 9”

  1. Yes! Love going through this hero’s journey with you. Don’t you feel more alive than before? We will be forever changed through this process! Keep up the great work!! Your new self is out there cheering you on!!

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  2. Mark love this post, it felt like you were writing it for me , especially the top section. yes I learned not to stress about missing or catching up by week 3. I started on the last day of orientation so it was a hectic 3 weeks lol. No turning back is right we know to much indeed. I am also learning more about me that I love it has been to long. Keep going strong my new friend.

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  3. I love the way you acknowledge each little step’s value in combination with every other piece; and then go on to say when applied consistently changes 100% of those committed and do the inner work 100% of the time. Mark, your energy and gratitude are palpable.

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  4. The fact that our World Within creates our World Without is not rocket science for the earnest MKMMA students indeed; the real challenge is to find our own way to reshape our World Within so as to obtain what we want in our World Without, putting all our intention, attention, and willpower in the battle, and you are doing wonderfully in this life-changing endeavor! Thank you for your authentic sharing, Mark.

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