Emerson’s Law of Compensation

This is one of the toughest pieces of writing to understand, ever. 😀

I believe my understanding of English is good, but if this piece of writing is tough for me to follow and understand, then it’s tough for others too. The red in me wants to always cut to the chase. What is this dude saying? And the blue in me wants to share the summary and conclusion with others.

When I did a study of law at university some moons ago, I had to read court cases. And the Judges were at times very verbose. I needed to shortcut the process to getting to the gist of what the person was trying to say. So I summarized those cases.

I offered the mastermind tribe I am involved in, a summary. And they suggested I blog it and share it with you.

So without further ado, here is my rough summary of Emerson’s law of Compensation. With apologies to Emerson!

A summary of Emerson’s Law of Compensation.

The principles of the law are for us to use – they apply to everything. How we conduct ourselves, the law applies. How we make our living, the law applies. Whether we are at home, in business or in our characters.

When we realise the truth of this, it will be like a star shining bright in the darkness, and it will guide us through our challenges and our journeys, to help us not suffer loss or lose our way.

Some people create the belief that the wicked are successful and the good are miserable. And we need to ask, is that true? Can we make that judgement? Or is it that we don’t actually know what the bigger picture of the Universe is?

Superstitions challenge our minds and beliefs. We are wiser than we know, but we are not always aware of the consequences we create through our choices. And in many instances, we have been fed rubbish to believe in.

There is polarity in everything. For every action there is an equal reaction, this is what helps create balance in nature, dark and light, hot and cold, ebb and flow, male and female. Everything has a positive and a negative aspect to it. And this is what creates balance.

The world is dual and so are all of its parts. Look at the animal kingdom, no creatures are favourites.

If we miss something, then we gain it elsewhere. And vice versa.

And then we have cause and effect. What you reap you will sow. What you create will always have a consequence. The law of karma. A life of moderation is essential.

The Universe, God – whatever we wish to call it is present in everything. Every molecule, proton, electron has the presence of the Universe in it.

Each person is compensated in the manner that he/she contributed. Give more, get more.

The income you earn today is your compensation for what you have done in the past.

The soul is everything.

Give and it shall be given to you.

Cause and effect. Tit for tat. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. We are paid for what we have done. If you put a chain around a slave, the other end fastens around you. Its best to be good and kind to people.

Our lives are governed by the laws of nature.

We judge ourselves and we judge others and we are reactive to the opinions of others. Reactions to opinions don’t have good consequences overall.

Life is dependent on how you treat others. Treat them well and you will be treated well. And so too the opposite.

Debt must always be paid, it impinges on prosperity. It is not a good thing to only receive and never give. And its also not good to give and not be able to receive. Giving is not only in the form of money.

Be aware of cheap labour. You get what you pay for. Use good sense. A thief in essence always steals from himself. He robs himself of his ability to receive in terms of the laws. You cannot counterfeit authenticity.

Human labour is the perfect compensation of the Universe. The balance is give and take.

Love and you shall be loved.

Even good people experience weakness and defeat. We should be grateful for our faults. We cannot know what faults are until we experience it ourselves.

Ours strengths grow from our weaknesses. If we only experience good in life, we are asleep. And when we are challenged, we learn real skills.

Its easier to blame that to praise.

We are one with the Universe and one with all.

Summary of the summary

1. We are compensated in the manner we have contributed. You get what you give.

2. It’s the law of karma – sowing and reaping.

3. You can never be compensated in the long term for more than you have put in.

4. Give more, get more

5. If you want to increase your compensation, increase your contribution.

6. Do more than you are paid for. Great success comes from those who make the habit of putting in more effort than expected.

7. Always ask how you can increase your efforts or value to customers.

8. Follow your own way as opposed to that of social expectations.

9. Be careful of following teachings of cult types, don’t forget your own voice.

10. Be authentic in your relationships with others.

11. Every act rewards itself.

12. The whole of what we know is a system of compensation’s.

13. There is no escape from the law of life. We can’t have success without failure. There is perfect balance in everything.

14. Plant tomato seeds we get tomatoes, plant weeds, we get weeds.

15. Don’t compare your life to others. Most of their life is hidden anyway.

With gratitude, respect and with love


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

13 thoughts on “Emerson’s Law of Compensation”

  1. I thank you and those that encouraged you to share the importance of your summary. A week or so before receiving the invitation to MKE, I came across Emerson’s essay on the Law of Self Reliance. Although the brain was fighting through, my Soul was enchanted with the Truth that I felt on a much deeper level. The imagery of my participation in my visions when I relaxed with thevteaching was what I earnestly desired. I loved them both without the need to fully understand and here you have gifted me with greater understanding. The brain is delighted and grateful! 🙏🏻❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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