Master Key Experience – Week 8

Be the Observer

I am the Cheetah!

Years ago, I did an in depth study of Shamanic principles, and learnt that we all have a totem spirit animal that walks besides us in the 3 different worlds we live in. That it’s always with us, beside us.

And I obviously wanted to know what mine was.

And one day in a prolonged sit, I discovered the Cheetah sitting beside me.

I was excited to learn this, because of my love for wild cats, but what excited me the most was to understand the Cheetah and what it meant to me.

And then I learnt that a Cheetah chases after it’s prey at breakneck speed, and whether it catches it or not, has to rest afterwards. Like really rest to recover and catch it’s breath. And I realized that ;

I am in so many ways, this Cheetah!

I chase after things at breakneck speed. And then have to rest. Like really rest. Even when after I’ve done the chase and should do some more action activity, rest is more imperative than the chase. I work in spurts. Fast bursts of speed. My life is in fact a bunch of speed bursts and rests.

And I see how my life has planned out. Resting after chasing. And in the rest time sometimes sabotaging a future chase. As the observer I now know this.

With the teachings of this MKE course, the observer in me is at the forefront of my mind. The 7 day mental diet is making me even more of an observer. The not making of opinions too. So the observer in me is paramount to my success, because when I catch myself opining or spouting dark thoughts, I start using the Law of Substitution, one of the 7 laws of the mind.

This week, we read our DMP, blueprint builder and affirmations into a recorder with some background music. I dig this! In fact I have the Scrolls, my gratitude, affirmations all in my recorder. Not all of my recording is in the – read the sentence 3 times then pause for 6 seconds mode, except for my DMP, affirmations and service requirements.

When I take a nap now, being the Cheetah – my health recovery dictates it – I start listening to my recordings. And even though I may be fast asleep, my subconscious mind is getting this subliminally. And if I’m pottering around, I switch on my recordings. It’s so cool.

And when I am exercising, I am listening to it too.

I’m observing my behaviours. And started rewarding my good ones. Even if it is with a cream doughnut or a chocolate! 😂

Not too often though, but now and again. 😆 Salad just doesn’t feel like a reward yet. But it will! Even though chocolate is considered salad somewhat.

Then I have been listening to Mark J’s, Superhero Summit talks. And that has re-invigorated my mindset and my DMP with the simple 6 principles. These successful multi million figure earners astound me with their mindsets and brilliance. In our South African currency, a 1 million dollar a year earned is equivalent to 15 million rand. That’s not play-play money here. That’s being set for life money!

So my picture visualization sit is now becoming even more vivid and clear. I’m seeing things far more clearly, when I was so clouded in the past. My chief aims are becoming more vivid and even more clear.

It’s so exciting. And so cool.

With gratitude, with respect and with love

Thank you


Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

16 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 8”

  1. Mark, I really appreciate how you uncover the discovery of a power animal and relate your journey to his attributes and subtly suggest it’s been the tail you’ve followed that has left you indefensible at times because it’s too much output all at once. It’s a really well-done relationship!!! I also appreciate the vision of the dance you’ve created with all the balls in the air, much like a maelstrom, but actually quite deftly handled. Like all magic, it is magic if you can’t see the work behind it. It feels like it isn’t work at all because it seems as if you are actually dancing with it. A merry almost fanciful dance!
    “I love the ambitious for they inspire me”. All this has been new territory for me, including doing much communication that is so incredibly visible, outside of friends. Your site is so well manicured, it definitely inspires me, especially since I have a new window into the possibilities of actually doing this for myself. Thank you for the inspiration!!! Thank you for your supportive encouragement, as well!

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    1. Thank you Dee, I deeply appreciate your sentiments and detailed thoughts. I am in gratitude that my journey inspires you, as your journey inspires me. I know you have some challenges to overcome, and I also know that you will succeed! Atma Namaste! And sending blessings to you from across the pond! I am looking for someone to mastermind with me in terms of what MJ recommended? Would you like to be that MMA with me?


  2. I love this post. I identify well with the cheetah, at least the need to rest part, lol. It is great that you honor your needs and find ways to stay plugged in at the same time. I am also really enjoying the recordings. I am able to stay engaged in the process and continue to get things done. It is a pleasure sharing this journey with you! Love and light, Marda

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    1. Thank you Marda. So cool isn’t it. All of us around the world with the same mindset. Creating an abundance super conscious. I don’t stop playing the recordings. I even play them in my sleep on a loop. Subliminal mind programming. Love and light to you too


  3. Thank you for inspiring me to sit more with my Lion during this journey. It is important for me to invite him from the grasslands of my aura to come closer with his wisdom and guidance. He has always protected me and graced me with added strength in times of immense growth. You have blessed me with your words and gifted me a key.
    With gratitude, respect and love.
    Atma Namaste

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  4. Mark enjoy reading your blog and your insight. growing up I wanted a tiger for a pet and even imagined having one as a pet. I always wanted to visit Africa since I was a child it just spoke to me for some reason. It is on my dream board for achieving my ideal weight on my journey of true health. Would love to know my totem spirit. Peace Norina

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    1. Thank you for resonating and commenting Norina. To find your totem animal, ask the question and it will come to you in a sit. Or if you see repeated images of a bird, insect or animal, ask if that’s your spirit totem guide. The confirmation will come. Like you notice shapes and colours, the message will come in the same or similar way. Be blessed always!


  5. Hello again Mark. you can explain so well what you are oing, thinking and learning. Love you posts. Where can I find information on Mark J’s, Superhero Summit talks?
    You inspire me to do more and better. Thanks

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    1. Thank you very much. I am rewarded in having inspired you. I received emails from the Sorlds laziest networker, and also saw the posts on Mark J’s FB page. It’s called the Network Marketing Superhero’s summit.


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