Master Key Experience – Week 4

Consistency vs Inconsistency

That’s my mindfulness as an observer this week, because if I want change, I have to create an emotionally charged consistent effort of 100%. and then understand the ramifications behind being inconsistent.

I could be inauthentic, lie and tell you I’m mastering the consistent reads per day. But I’m not! I would be lying to myself. I’m horribly inconsistent. I have reduced everything to my index cards and they are with me all day every day. I carry them with me, they sleep next to me, placed on my desk in front of me.

But that means nothing if I’m not doing the reads.

Because consistency of nothing is nothing, and nothing of nothing becomes nothing.

It’s not an issue of time, I have an abundance of time.


I’m celebrating that which I do. What I did or do right. And then I’m asking, what can you improve, Mark?

No lamenting, it’s a toxic addictive habit.

I’ve realized a few things in my thoughts – I’ve become an observer – and discovered, that I have this limited belief that once I understand it, it becomes my reality. The truth is, if it did, my life would be entirely different. So I’m challenging myself even more to do the reads. To be consistent. 100%. The question is, am I challenging myself enough?

It’s so simple, yet…

The ‘do it now’, works with me for everything else but the reads. My chore, ‘homework’, DMP and blog is done. But for the reads…

Am I lazy? Am I the sloth that Mark J and Oggie talk about? What is it with my mind that does not want me to be healthy and wealthy? I am disappointed in myself, and tired of berating myself. How can I start a new life with inconsistency. How do I control this world within?

Create the new habit Mark, you know it! And then celebrate the 100% effort!

I know that I know, – consistent practice will change my world within.

I understand this. I resonate. But I’m not taking action on it. How can I be the hero in my journey if I have everything I need, except the will to do it. Is it that I have lost faith in myself?

If my world within is toxic, my world without is too!

I’m mindful, but mindless. I’m aware but inconsistent.

Is my constant fatigue causing this? Where does this all originate? Of course in my mind. I know this.

Many years ago I did an Iron Man 160km triathlon. I finished in time. I ran many marathons, cycled 100km at a time, won a canoeing race. And got to finish them all. How did I do it? With consistent practice.

So what is it that’s preventing me from being that Iron Man again? The hero in my own life. So then, if I can do that, I can be the hero of this incredible journey.

If I don’t do this properly now, when will I be able to do it over. Life isn’t forever. Am I secretly afraid of being successful and healthy?

What is it Mark?

What do I need to be consistent, other than being consistent? How does a new habit become the norm? Consistent repetition of course. So then?

This blog is a reminder to self, to get going. To change the world within. To be the 100%er.

‘I can be, what I WILL to be’

So then?… WILL it buddy! Will it!


With feeling!

Just do it Mark! How?

You do it, and do it, and do it, and do it, and do it, and do it, and just do it until the job gets done!

And when I’ve done it?

You do it again!

Of course! Just do it! 😀

I was made Great, by Great to be Great!

I’ll celebrate that!

Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

20 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 4”

  1. Love your colored cards! Its amazing how much our subby controls how much we do. We call it choice, but is it really? Each day is a new day tackling new things. You’ve got this!


      1. Btw, I did a course years ago called Kriyashakti, which is the Pranic Healing prosperity course. The two energy centers – chakras – involved are the root or base chakra and the solar plexus. The colors are red and yellow respectively. So I always write my ‘stuff’ in red on yellow paper. But I decided to use other colours too. Just for the brightness, to help shine more light into my life.


  2. I love this Mark, thank you for being vulnerable. Consistency is tough. I resonate with a lot of what you said so know that you are not alone in the struggle. I am consistent with the reading, but not the sitting, and as I read in part 4 the sitting is where the magic happens so I’d better get to it!
    Keep up the great work, observing and taking it to the next level. Happy to be on this journey with you!

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    1. Thank you for your sentiments. I’m glad it’s not just me 😂. And yes happy to be on the journey with you too. This week I’m getting better at the reads. I’m a meditator, so the sit is easier for me. Although, I’m not happy about the time. I like a longer sit. 😆
      I always light a candle when I do the reads because it helps keep negative energies at bay. So if I struggle to quiet the mind, I stare into the flame and focus on that.


  3. I like very much your idea of the colored cards, it’s brilliant in fact! About the inconsistency, it is certainly not recommended that you focus your attention on finding its cause, because “whatever you put your attention on is growing” and also “what you put your attention on determines your intention”…Another thought which came to my mind while reading your blog is that being consistent does not necessarily start with being at 100%…For example, if you are doing your reading in average 7 times a week (instead of 21 times), you could imagine to improve your consistency by raising the bar on your average for each week, eg. to go from 33% this week to 5O% next week, then 66%, and so on…These are just some food for thoughts, thank you for your honest sharing, it will inspire and help many people…!

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    1. Merci beaucoup Luc. Thank you for the reminder of the law of growth. I like the idea of increasing the ratio. What a good idea! I’m going to do that, instead of lambasting myself for not being 100%. One step at a time! Thank you again!


  4. I’m noticing more and more than I am in charge of myself and have to watch out for subby trying to control me. Been trying to focus more on my I and stop letting subby control everything. Taking control of my actions in the real world as much as possible. Great post


  5. Hi Mark, thank you for sharing your struggle with us, I think we are all struggling at differents levels. I don’t know if what I am about to write will help you, but I will share it with you.
    Since you are talking about sport, I am gonna share with you my life experience about a lesson I learned, I was a real competitor, an iron body shaped by and for greatness no less. Then I focused on my business and forget about taking care of my body. One day I woke up and realized I did a big mistake, of course I start working out! what a surprise when I found myself unable to do what I was used to do, I was disappointed and irritated and stopped training! How can this be possible??? I lost control on my body… two choices have come to me, continue my life and feel guilty because I’m aware that this is not a good thing or accepting the idea of relearning again to walk before running, like a child .. I was really demanding, I became indulgent with myself and i started working out, step by step, one stair at the time without guilt and with love.. I am still far away of the amazing muscles i had but every little step I make, leads me to the other and of course to the result i am working for.. and i celebrate it.
    i’m doing exactly the same with MKMMA, i’am not perfect on it yet! But every day with love and indulgent, i reach next step 🙂

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