Master Key Experience – Week 3

A New Mind Perspective

The Master Key System should be a subject in school! Imagine the infinite possibilities if we had learnt these key principles when we were young!

It’s that important. That imperative. That necessary.

I have spent my life chasing my tail, mucking about really, because of the gunk I fed into my subconscious mind (subby). How could I have known different or better?

My first exposure to the power of thought, was in 2007, that’s 11 years ago, in a book written by Henry T Hamblin, called the ‘Power of Thought.’ I was blown away, because this was a new entry into the mind for me. I read other books on the subject too, even did courses, and then taught the principles. I like teaching what I learn.

But I taught it somewhat wrong!

The understanding of these principles of the mind obviously didn’t help me much. Why? Because if I had mastered these principles 100%, I would be living a happy and gargantuan life.

Its one thing to read the principles, even resonating with them, it’s completely another to apply. I was taught, ‘ just read and apply’. Rubbish! Thats flakey and flimsy! It’s not that simple, but yet it is, when you know the ‘how’.

The MKE has now opened my mind and my eyes to a completely new perspective.

Beautiful water droplets , like beautiful thought energy

The only way to apply is – constant repetition, with the emphasis on,






Over and over again!

And again, and again!

And when done, again!

Did I happen to mention – constant repetition? 😂😂 (Reminder to self!)

Subby won’t change its habits until a new habit is drummed into it, belief systems won’t change until replaced with better ones.

Until I control what my subby hears, my subby controls me. BAM! 💥

I’m learning how to protect my subby from the rubbish I fed into it over time. Another BAM! 💥

Consistent practice. Three times daily. How many times daily? Three? Yes! BAM again! 💥

I’m more aware of my thoughts than ever.

Do the work dude! (Speaking to self) 100%. How much? 100%! BAM! 💥

That’s the change effect compounded!

Subby, you getting this? The memo is clear and concise!

Did you do your best Mark? Anything less than 100% is not your best!

What does 100% look like, Mark? Consistent repetitive practice, three times daily.

Take charge Mark, take charge!

But why?

Because you were made Great, by Great, to be Great!

BAM! 💥

Author: marcam22

Creating a life of self mastery as best I can. And then helping others with the teachings.

21 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 3”

  1. Mark hello,

    What you said on your Week 3 post resonates with me a lot.
    I’ve always been attracting to personal development books, courses and webinars.
    Been there, done that! Concepts and ideas would stick for a short time, just to fall back to patterns and routines deeply seated in the “subby”.
    I wish you the best in your hero journey!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Manuel. Stick for a short time and then. fall back. Exactly.
      And now I believe that we will see the exceptional results. Good luck on your hero’s journey too! We can do this! No! Sorry. We are doing this!


  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog Mark.
    The 3 times a day rule is the golden key to follow & I’m happy to be on this life changing experience with you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing blog, Mark. Enjoy your “inner” talks 😀 Changing habits is pretty tough but necessary. Repetition is key. Did I mention repetition?? Thanks for sharing, Mark


  4. Bravo! Yes, much repetition with great enthusiasm. I’m digging it, I’m loving it. I’m living it and you are too. And exactly, why weren’t we taught this in school besides being boxed in. No thank you, I’m climbing out of my box and never to be put in one again. Great job!


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